Fong Sam Cing Janice

Fong Sam Cing Janice

Pet therapy dog brings comfort to Rainbow patients

Added by Nicole Wong M4

Rated: 90/100

The news gave me a great aspiration on how pets can bring happiness and joy to a patient suffering from mental illness. The relationship between the dog and its master are so precious and adorable, they will be an encouraging story for all.


Added by Lee, Julie

Rated: 85/100

This assessment is really interesting and interactive. Sleeping problems are common and easily heard among teens and adults, as most of us suffer from work and academic pressure. The assessment is user-friendly, which every one of us can know ourselves more.

Creating Inclusive College Classrooms

Added by Adrian Li

Rating: 80 /100.

I appreciated the article sharing on how it brings inclusion to classrooms. It presents rich informations telling readers on the importance on inclusive atmosphere motivating learning.

Gender Roles and Stereotypes

Added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan

Rating: 90/100

This video inspires me because the content on gender roles and stereotyping gave me a space of reflection. Gender conflicts appear more significantly in developing countries, which raise awareness around the world. Women and men have to meet expectations and criticisms from the society.

10 things to say to someone with a mental health problem

added by Yun Ki Ngan

Rating: 80/100

Communication with mental illness patients are never easy, this article teaches readers 10 ways to comfort and chat with them. Helping them to open up is a great way to assist them get over their mental disease.