Guillemot Raphaele Michelle


References read (Ranking based on how informative they are)

1) Sustainable Energy: Why we need them and various types of it by Hongyu (Timmy) Mi

Rating: 90/100. An informative introduction to what renewable energies exist, the history behind how we collect energy and got to this point, and the benefits of using renewable energy. However, it's the type of knowledge you'd read upon high school.

2) European Parliament votes overwhelmingly to adopt energy storage strategy in clean energy plans by Huixi Zhang

Rating: 70/100. It's interesting to see how the political scene deals with renewable energy in terms of cost and challenges of implementation. I just wish that there was more information or if it focused more on HK as the article targets Europeans, who understood more of their own system.

3) The Benefits of a Hand Crank Dishwasher by Hongyu (Timmy) Mi

Rating: 100/100. Not only does it provide real-life cases of more sustainable dishwashers, the comments also provides different perspectives, arguing that the dishwasher isn't as different as handwashing. The user's opinions plays an important role in design.

4) Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? by Huixi Zhang

Rating: 100/100. This is a really technically examined video on challenging the assumption that electric cars are better than cars that run on gasoline. Not only does it provide sources for every evidence, it also includes the government's investigation in sustainable energy.

5) How to Build a Bicycle Generator by saullopez52

Rating: 90/100. A step-by-step process of how to make a bicycle generator that's easily readable for others to make as well. It just questions whether individuals have the motivation/time/resources/space to create them.

6) AI Application in Renewable Energy by Kaustubh Nigam

Rating: 80/100. This is a good introduction to the many companies that uses AI to mine data for predictions or sustain energy, I've certainly heard of DeepMind and their achievements before in the book "The Creativity Code" by Marcus Du Sautoy! Then again, it only provides a simple introduction and begs for further research.

7) Using Machine Learning to understand customers behaviour by Ngo Yin Wong

Rating: 70/100. A easy-to-read article on how Machine Learning can be used in businesses for every reader. However, the story/narrative is a bit too long for my taste.

8) Passive House = 90% Home Energy Reduction! by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 90/100. This is an interesting concept that I learnt in my Physics Class back when I was in highschool, I find that this can definetly be feesable but to what extent in a urban city like Hong Kong?

9) Save Energy in Your Household With A Smart Power Strip by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 50/100. This was shorter than I thought it'd be but does explain to readers why one should invest in a Smart Power Strip, as other power strips uses cable energy despite not being plugged to anything.


Rating: 90/100. A step-by-step process of how to use AR for beginners! Definetly something our team will use. Might need further research though.