Ho Chi Fung

Reference read:

1) "Comparison of physical fitness levels of adolescents according to sports participation: Martial arts, team sports and non-sports"

added by Ho Chiu Hero TAI 85/100

The research has proved that doing exercise has the positive impact that we have never expected. "Therefore, these are important empirical evidence in order to martial arts in a wide range to promote the element of the physical education and the form of the physical activity in leisure time.", the statistic and the conclusion is very useful for me as I am in physics health group too. It helps me figure out what sports is the teenager prefer and when will they want to do sport.

2) "Stay Physically Active During Self Quarantine"

added by Ji Hyun Park 90/100

Under the Covid-19, we are not able to do exercise outside. Therefore, WHO has shared some tips on how to do exercise at home. Not only those tips can apply during Covid-19, but also it can be applied when we do not have extra time doing exercise after work or school. My group are planning some exercise plan so as to encourage people do exercise, and this article is a good example to learn.

3)Trick Yourself into Finding Motivation to Exercise By Using Psychology

added by Jim Hung 80/100

This video has introduced the relationship between psychology and doing exercise and teach me how to trick myself into exercising psychologically. Since our group decided to launch a project to encourage people doing exercise, finding the reason why they are lack of motivation is the first approach for us to do, and this video is fully explained what we are confused. Therefore, this is a useful video clip for reference.


added by Hoi Tung Leung 90/100

The article shows that there are the increasing number of people using fitness app, and doctors claimed that those fitness app are potential for everyone enhance their health. It is the useful information for my project as experts have already confirm that using fitness is effective. Therefore, I am started to modify the function of those fitness app to become a app that can encourage people to do exercise.

5) "Why people are reluctant to leave comforts and exercise?"

added by Jim Hung 90/100

The graphic has fully explained why people are not willing to do exercise. Also, he said "not urgent, people usually don't find the rush and needs to exercise, causing unwilling to exercise psychologically. " The finding has inspired me a lot as I usually don't get to why people are not willing to do exercise even they are clear that there are so many advantages for their health. After knowing why they don't want to do exercise, it is easier to think up an idea to deal with the problem in the following project.

6) "How Exercise Makes you Smarter and a Better Student"

added by Bowen Pang 75/100

This video clip illustrates some advantages of doing exercise especially for students. The ideas are good and there are some fun fact about doing exercise, for example, the speaker claimed that doing exercise can let the brainpower and the studying performance will be increased. I think the reason why people(students) are not willing to do exercise is lack of motivation, they may think study should be the first priority and doing exercise can't help them from improving the studying performance. This video has corrected our misunderstanding. And we do not have any excuse for not doing exercise.

7) "5 apps to help you reach your fitness goals"

added by Hoi Tung Leung 85/100

This article shows 5 apps that related to doing exercise. This article is quite useful for me as our group decided to create a app for HKU students. Therefore, the feature of those apps are the guideline for our future app. Also, I can know more about the needs and the pinpoints of the people who are not willing to exercise. This article helps me on designing the features of the app.

8) "How many exercises Do I Really Need?"

added by Jim Hung 75/100

This video explains the function of doing exercise and how many exercises do we need to do. I was surprised because I always think that there should be the same standard for everyone. In fact, the time of doing exercise will be changed by the age, the gender and the media record. I found this video is quite useful for me since I have learned that designing the physical training plan have to depend on the target group. As such, it helps us to think up more plan on our sustainable project.

9) "The relationship between physical and mental health: A mediation analysis"

added by Nicole Angelique 75/100

This research paper shows the impact of doing exercise, and the common effects of physical and mental health. I know that physical health is linked to mental health, in fact that I do not know the reason. Luckily, this research paper has clearly emphasised the relationship between physical and mental health, and the main reason is that the brain will release the endorphin when we are doing exercise. As a result, doing exercise helps people getting happier.

10) "7 Ways to Overcome Depression Without Medication"

added by Chain Chan 80/100

In this generation, the number of having depression is higher than the last generation a lot. Parents usually do not know the reason why their kid getting upset. Therefore, depression cannot be solve easily. This article shows the ways of having depression, and the phenomenon after having depression so that we can have a treatment once we have discovered us or our friends having depression, and the next step is to overcome depression. This article helps me better understand the way on overcoming the depression, and I have raised the attention about depression.