Hung Wai Shing

Reference Read

  1. Using machine learning to understand customers behavior by Ngo Yin Wong(80/100)

As a student studying AI, I am very interested in machine learning and its application. This article only shows how to study customers' behavior, but I also find it related to smart energy management as a more personalized plan can be made by learning the energy usage pattern to achieve more optimized energy use.

2. Save Energy in Your Household With A Smart Power Strip by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan(90/100)

The content is highly related to our idea, with smart power strip instead of smart plug. Although it has more limitations than smart plug, it is still a very useful reference.

3. Tools to move your campus to 100% clean energy by Kaustubh Nigam (70/100)

Although it is mainly about campus in America, the energy management system in America is still useful when designing one in Hong Kong.

4. Sun tracking solar panel by Kaustubh Nigam (80/100)

Its content is not directly related to our project, but sun tracking solar panel is very interesting since it can increase the efficiency of solar energy. Imagining those panels move like sunflower is interesting enough to give it high mark XD

5. Smart Home Tech Tour by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot(90/100)

It shows many smart home ideas in different aspects including energy management. It is very inspiring to our project.

6. Automation Systems for School Buildings by Shi Ming Jasmine Kwok(80/100)

It gives a detailed description about automation system in school, including automatic power system, energy monitoring and more. Though some may not be relevant to our project, the comprehensive system is interesting and can inspire us in some aspects.

7. Education for Energy Saving in the House by Lee Man Kit (95/100)

This paper focuses on the importance of education in energy saving. It inspires us to add some tips on the energy monitoring app to remind the users and educate them to achieve a long term improvement in energy saving.

8. Energy Survey Program for Domestic Users by Lee Man Kit (95/100)

This platform is very similar to our app, which tells users their energy consumption over a certain period of time. Its overall structure is very useful and informative to our project.

9. What is Waste-to-Energy by Ng Lok Yiu (80/100)

Although waste-to-energy is not the topic of our group, but the idea is very interesting and the reference is informative. It makes me think about applying it in household to generate electricity by the large amount of food waste

10. What Uses the Most Energy in Your Home? by Ng Lok Yiu (85/100)

This is related to our project since our project aims at monitoring energy consumption. Once our app is made, it would be interesting to find out whether our data is consistent with the data in this article.