Jing Jingderong

References Read

1.Water Quality - Chemistry tests explained——provide by Ho Kit Fung 95/100

The vedio introduce many chemistry indicator to evaluate the water quality. Turbidity, temperature, PH, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate and their values are both recommended in detail. Beside, it also include the reason of eutrophication and so on. It's very easy for us to catch a glimpse of the chemical knowledge about the water.

2.How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills?——provide by Ho Kit Fung 95/100

The oil pollution on the ocean is really a severe challenge for human and aquatic organism. In this vedio, a new material which is made by nanodibrollated cellulose is mentioned to solve this peoblem. It says that it can absorb 50 times of their weight of oil. Meanwhile, using bioaugmentation and bioemulsifier may be also a good method.

3.Does overfishing promote algal blooms?——provide by GONG Tingxuan 100/100

It's a long recorder of the meeting published by European Parliament that talk about a meaningful topic: whether overfishing will promote algal blooms. This note provides scientific evidence for a connection between overfishing and the development of algal blooms, and presents several European case-studies supporting this hypothesis. Overfishing has contributed to the increasing problem of algal blooms in Europe. Overexploitation of offshore stocks has changed the structure of many marine ecosystems, which has promoted the accumulation of algal biomass. Today, detrimental effects of overfishing on offshore food webs are spreading to coastal ecosystems, causing problems with near shore water quality and habitat loss.

4.Remote Robot Cleans Trash from Water——provide by You Chun Ho 85/100

As our group is planning to make a boat to clean the algea or rubbish in the water, the invention in this website provide a good reference for us. If it contains some more detail information about the design principle and the overall modle of the boat would be even more better.

5.Hong Kong's algal blooms - red alerts from nature——provide by GONG Tingxuan 95/100

The report beginning with real events happened in Hong Kong, analyze the reason and the main species causing the algae bloom. Contacting with climate change and quoting experts' sayings, this article has a deep discussion on the problem. Besides, it also shows worry about how to balance the city construction and a healthy environment.