Kho Patrick Thomas

Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – 6 Current Applications (Added by Victor Lau)

Rating: 50/100. This article describes existing barriers surrounding use of renewable energy, and it details the ways in which AI is changing the landscape. These ways include energy forecasting, efficiency and accessibility, all of which are explained in detail.

AXA Hong Kong first to launch Employee Mental Health Programme “Mind Health” (Added by Henry Chu)

Rating 70/100. Announcement by AXA on their new mental health programme. It includes innovations that redfine how we see traditional employee benefits, specifically within Hong Kong. The Managing Director of Health at AXA explains why this is important as well.

How Food Banks Work (Added by Chun Lam Chan)

Rating 70/100. The article introduces food banks and their functions. Particularly, food donations, food vouchers and other resources. These are all explained in detail.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Are Not Enough (Added by Hussain Mock)

Rating 90/100. In the context of American with increased anti-racist uprisings, the article describes NYU's actions in promoting equality on campus. However, the author makes the disctintion between professing these ideas and putting them into practice. They criticise NYU's virtue signalling and lack of real action.

Hong Kong's mounting food waste problem (Added by Chun Lam Chan)

Rating 80/100. A news article on the Tseung Kwan O landfill. It details how waste is pilled up here and the primary source: food. It also explains attempted solutions by interest groups such as NGOs and governments.

Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong (Added by Qi Yu)

Rating 80/100. A public consultation document explaining biodiversity in Hong Kong, current policy actions taken to preserve biodiversity, as well as new proposed actions to be taken in the future.

Building a Digital Ecosystem: How smart buildings improve energy efficiency (Added by Wai Shing Hung)

Rating 70/100. An informative article by the company Energly on how upcoming digital technologies (such as the Internet of Things and smart homes) are transforming the way we use energy efficiently.

Inclusive Education (Added by Briana Lau)

Rating 100/100. A brief overview of UNICEF goals and advocacies, as well as current measures taken to improve inclusion in school. Particularly, inclusion with regards to disabled students was the key issue UNICEF aimed to tackle.

36 Easy College Meals You’ll Actually Want to Make in Your Dorm Room (Added by Taehyun Kim)

Rating 75/100. A 'listicle' on numerous convenient and nutritious food that can be made within student dormitories. Promoting these reduces the need for food delivery.

How Foodpanda, Deliveroo, UberEATs and their customers can cut the mountain of waste (Added by Taehyun Kim)

Rating 85/100. An article which explains the problem of waste that comes with these apps, as well as the lifestyles of Hong Kongers that catalyse this. How food delivery businesses can reduce waste is described, as well was ways consumers can be more responsible.