Kim Gayoung

References read

Why you’re recycling wrong - added by Seiyoung Joung

Score: 90/100

The video challenges the stereotypical idea that all plastics/paper etc. can be recycled, when in fact, even the smallest of contamination can make all other recyclable products non-recyclable.

2020 resale report - added by Hsi-Yun Chang

Score: 85/100

It shows the future of the secondhand market and suggests a solution to tackle textile waste. The data includes various demographics and other details.

Plastic-free campus manual - added by Nicole Wong

Score: 90/100

This resource provides a detailed insight/advice to how students should plan a campaign. It includes information about plastics and how to raise awareness about plastics on campus.

What really happens to the plastic you throw away - added by Semiat Ayomide Ayeni

Score: 85/100

It gives a detailed explanation of what happens when we don’t recycle plastic. Apart from the well-known facts, it also discusses the garbage patch in the ocean and the toxins released, which are seemingly less known.

22 Inventions that are saving the Earth - added by Hongyu (Timmy) Mi

Score: 80/100

It shows examples of what people have already done to improve the environment so it’s a great source for inspiration. It’s informative, interesting and creative.

Wrapping your head around over packaging - and taking action - added by Cheuk Lai Ma

Score: 70/100

An article detailing the issue with companies over packaging products and how the EU tackled this problem.

Why do we need to change out food system? - added by Jiaxin Wu

Score: 75/100

A brief video explaining why our food systems must be transformed. It threatens our biodiversity, food is wasted, people suffer from malnutrition

HK Urban Rooftop Farming - added by Chi Chau Hang Frankie

Score: 80/100

The website details rooftop farms as a healthier urban lifestyle, a way to increase urban biodiversity and air quality while reducing urban heat island effect.

New #Trashtag Challenge Is Using Social Media To Clean The World - added by Yearim Kim

Score: 85/100

The article shows an online trending campaign that encourages people to pick up waste. I believe this is very fitting for our current online culture.

South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waste. Now it recycles 95% - added by Hyunjoo Kim

Score: 90/100

An article that shows a real-life case-study about how food waste was dealt with. Moisture from the waste make biogas and bio-oil, dry waste is turned to fertiliser, I think it’s an effective way to recycle food waste.