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Kim Hyunjoo

References Read

"Is Plastic-Free Food Delivery A Solution To Our Wasteful Convenience Culture?" Added by Chun Ho Chan
Rating: 80/100 It is talking about Hong Kong's delivery companies' effort for reducing the number of plastic. The website is clearly an informative article however lacks the information of the effects of such 'actions'.
"Food waste recycling in Hong Kong" Added by "Chan Chun Ho"
Rating: 50/100 Whoever tagged wikipedia into as a reference document, it's not a credible source. Although wikipedia holds accurate background information, some may have been edited, cropped, fabricated. It's a 50/50 chance you'll really get the information you want.
"Coronavirus: concerns mount over handling of waste at Hong Kong’s mass testing centres, as 152,000 more screened" Added by Seiyoung Joung
Rating: 100/100 Perfectly relevant for current waste management situation in Hong Kong. It addresses the issues of having "extra" waste from testing of Covid-19; Hong Kong being overwhelmed by the amount of waste
"Potato chips scraps could make cheaper biofuel" Added by Jirawong Wu
Rating: 40/100 Perhaps rather cite the original study/case document of this information, it was on the bottom of the page. Basically how potatoes and food waste regarding to them can become a perfect source for biofuel, in a cheaper essence.
"Reusable Mug Program" Added by "Nicole Wong"
Rating: 100/100 Full paper of a project to promote the use of mug cups instead of disposable coffee cups. Very organised as well of well-structured with sufficient amount of graphs and illustrations for better understandings.
"Food waste: a new opportunity for entrepreneurs" Added by "Jiaxin Wu"
Rating: 80/100. News article showing how food waste is an upcoming potential for a beneficial business field. Shows the advantage of handling food waste as a business for entrepreneurs.
"Instant fertilizer-making machine could be your next kitchen appliance" Added by "Sze Choi Lee"
40/100. It is simply an advertisement and nothing else. I can't see the reason why this video can be used as a reference. Of course, the product itself can be a great source for building a replica however, that would be difficult as well as the structure, material is not specified enough.
"Recycling 3D printed objects" Added by "Zinei Sin Ni Ho"
Rating: 80/100. Applicable video for those who obtain an 3D-printer. Good, brief description for those who wish to recycle their 3D-printed objects at home/company.
"Will Hong Kong run out of food because of the coronavirus pandemic?" Added by "Chau Hang Chi"
Rating 100/100. Totally relevant to current society, updated content, credible source from "Hong Kong Living". An article which points out the possibility of lack of food resource in HK for various reasons.
"Food for good" Added by "Aastha Anurag Gaur"
Rating 70/100. An introductory website of a company called "Food for Good" and their activities for saving food/recycling food waste for HK's sustainability. Can be used for promoting food waste recycling programs.