Kim Minjun

References read

"Hong Kong women face gender discrimination in the workplace and great expectations at home" added by Asiya YU

Rating: 90/100. The article presents an overview on gender inequality on employment by suggesting few examples about how women are being less valued than men until now.

"The future of good food in china" added by Jingran Cui

Rating: 95/100. The video talks about how food in China is going to face risk within a short period of time. The talk points out key points very well on how to develop sustainable food systems.

"Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment?" added by HUIXI ZHANG

Rating: 85/100. The video talks about three questions throughout its whole running time on whether electric cars can make the environment worse than now or better.

"Sustainable food systems" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating: 95/100 . The format of pdf is eye-catching that you are able to overview on the food system at one go. It explains from the bottom to the top on the sustainable food system easily which we should have knowledge about.

"Trick Yourself into Finding Motivation to Exercise By Using Psychology" added by Jim Hung

Rating: 80/100. The video is mainly about how to start exercising by using psychology knowledge focusing on motivation. The speaker compares people who exercise everyday and other people to make the concept more revealing.

"Self-harm" added by Chit CHEUNG

Rating: 80/100. The website briefly talks about what self-harm is by illustrating how people hurt themselves and provides information on different types of self-harm.

"Together we learn better: inclusive schools benefit all children" added by Asuka Wakino

Rating: 90/100. The website expresses how school environments should be made to achieve inclusion for all children in school so that everyone can be benefited without discriminiation.

"Mental Health Awareness - Why Is Mental Health Important?" added by Wang Yue

Rating: 80/100. The video briefs on why mental health is important to humans by interpreting mental illness and how people with it can be harmful to the society.

"What is obesity?" added by Huajie Lou

Rating: 90/100. The talk is about the seriousness of obesity in the society. The speaker emphasises on how obesity leads to change in a person's personality thus provides information on how to stop obesity in several ways.

"As coronavirus hits the job market, Hong Kong’s new graduates need better support" added by John Ng

Rating: 90/100. The article is about how the government should resolve economic problems to for the graduates to benefit them in getting job opportunities.