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Kim Yearim

Kim Yearim

References read

"Calculating The Costs Of Waste Management" added by Yoonseo Choi

Rating: 95/100. Illustrating potential solutions including government subsidies suggests and examines the efficiency of the solution in order to lead individuals to manage the amount of waste produced in the country effectively.

"An overview on challenges for waste reduction and management in Hong Kong" added by Lau Yue Ka

Rating: 85/100. This article clearly mention some potential solutions for resolving waste problem worldwide. Diverse types of wastes and solutions are demonstrated.

"The Struggle of a Zero-Waste Restaurant" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating: 85/100. This video illustrates the problem of wasted products and make people to realize the reality of the amount of waste disposed on the environment and nature.

"22 Inventions That Are Saving The Earth" added by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi

Rating: 80/100. The inventions gave us creative ideas to interpret existing ideas together to produce new products in order to resolve the waste issues.

"Interview with Ren Wan, Jupyeah – Hong Kong Online Swapping Platform" added by Shing Hin Chung

Rating: 95/100. The JupYeah contributes to sustainable development in Hong Kong, giving us an idea of recycling and an effect of online platform via social media, the powerful to encourage people to involve in, promotion to make people to participate in the project.

"Instant fertilizer-making machine could be your next kitchen appliance" added by Lee Sze Choi

Rating: 85/100. The video shows how food waste is turned to fertilizer using the new technology applied to the food waste bin, which currently exist. It gave us an idea of steps involved to make a fertilizer.

"Waste Management with RFID" added by Hyunjoo Kim

Rating: 90/100. RFID technology is explained in detail. This might be implemented in order to reduce the amount of food waste produced by individuals with several applications such as trash bins.

"Food Waste Audits in HKU" added by SONG JIE GUO

Rating: 85/100. This article illustrates more realistic solutions solving the food waste problem which can be easily found nowadays. As the resources are based on the HKU campus, it provides me an idea of selecting target individuals for our project.

"From Farm to Table to Landfills? Seeking Solutions to China’s Food Waste Dilemma" added by Jennifer Turner

Rating: 85/100. It demonstrates how China process the food waste created in the country. Diverse methods are illustrated, such as feeding residue to animal, anaerobic digestion etc. It also suggests minimizing food waste is a key to reduce the environmental pollution due to it.

"Reducing Food Waste via Active Packaging" added by Wu Jia Xin

Rating: 90/100. Degradation mechanism is clearly demonstrated, minimizing the effect of disposing food waste. As plastic delivery packaging wastes are increasing due to COVID-19, this active packaging may help reducing plastic waste disposed in nature.