Kwan Rafael Matthew Susanto

Kwan Rafael Matthew Susanto

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HK Case: Samsung Energy Management added by Raphaelle

The video is entertaining to watch and also quite informative about saving energy by using solar panel. In the video, they change electricity from external power to solar energy to turn on devices and it really helps reducing energy consumption in households. However, the concept is not really implemented by many people since the cost to make every house devices 'smart' or connected by a single remote is very expensive. Also, a huge amount of solar panels are needed to power devices in the video. In the near future, this might be the solution to save energy. 90/100

Are Electric Cars Worse For The Environment? added by HUIXI ZHANG

Despite the high amount of CO2 emission by electric cars production, electric cars are still saving energy because anually it will produce less CO2 emission than gasoline car. Moreover, drilling oil for gasoline powered cars are more harmful than drilling lithium since drilling oil happens to be in more biodiverse places. 80/100

Smart Energy Management for Any Size Building added by Raphaelle

The video illustrates that every building can be installed a system called SmartStruxure, the system can optimize energy usage in broad daylight and the owner can turn off energy usage at night via wireless connection. I think the idea of a building that can be controlled wirelessly is great, nevertheless the system itself is powered 24/7 by energy. 80/100

Saltwater Lamp added by Mi Hongyu

By using an electrochemical cell, salt water/sea water can generate electrical energy from chemical reactions. The invention is useful in country like Hong Kong where access to sea is easy. However, the durability and the usage time is not high, so I think that is why this product rarely used by people. 80/100

Priva ECO added by Kwok Shi Ming Jasmine

The website shows that Priva ECO is an Artificial Intelligence that can learn how to automatically optimize energy usage and climate condition in buildings. Priva ECO can be great solution to our future to manage household energy usage since AI can learn continously to save energy. 90/100

Generating Electricity By Walking added by Cheuk Hin Li

The idea is good that you can generate electricity by walking, but the video does not show whether it works or not. 80/100

Sun Tracking Solar Panel added by Kaustubh Nigam

This solar panel is really efficient since it is maximizing the solar energy absorption by continuously tracking the sun. 80/100

See your energy consumption at a glance added by Wai Shing HUNG

This application is already implemented in HKU by Blue Sky and it is quite improving our awareness about saving energy. 90/100

Minimizing Carbon Footprint of Your DIY Projects added by Yi Tung YAO

There is 12 tips on how to make our environment more sustainable in this website. For example, use recycle tools, use paper judiciously, etc. 85/100

Paper Generators: Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding added by Cheuk Hin Li

The article illustrate that we can generate electricity by paper friction and show how to made it. However, I do not think that this idea is really efficient to power electronic devices. 80/100