Kwok Shi Ming Jasmine

References read

"How AI Lighting Can Fool You Into Thinking Lights Are On" added by Sean Michael Suntoso

Rating: 100/100. The algorithm estimates the light propagation and how people perceive light according to their position. This can trick human eyes that the area is illuminated while it is not so that people can feel a sense of security while cutting energy consumptions for up to 65%.

"Saving Energy Consumption With Deep Learning" added by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi

Rating: 95/100. The video shows us how complex are the deep learning algorithms and the applications of the system. Interesting fact: energy drawn from different devices varies.

"DIY Home Energy Monitor & CT sensors explained" added by Wai Shing HUNG

Rating: 90/100. The video shows us how to make a home energy monitor which automatically uploads the data onto the cloud with the use of microcontrollers and CT sensors.

"Potential New Function of Light Bulb - Auto Dimming" added by Hoi Wei TSANG

Rating: 85/100. The Drift Light is an energy efficient light bulb which also promotes better sleep quality. By setting two filps of the light switch, the bulb dims gradually until it is completely off, to simulate the natural end of the day.

"Can Underwater Turbines Solve Our Energy Problems?" added by Cheuk Hin LI

Rating: 95/100. Different from traditional hyroelectrical/tidal power, underwater turbines does not require a large structure to control the flow of water. It also claims to have minimal damage to the marine ecosystem.

"What is Waste-to-Energy" added by Yuk Tsan WONG

Rating: 90/100. 'Waste is Resource.' This topic links energy with waste problems such that sustainable development can be promoted as a whole. For example, 1 tonne of recycled metals can save 2 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

"Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity" added by Yi Tung YAO

Rating: 95/100. This video shows us how to make a bicycle generator by used items. Waste are reused, calories are burnt and energies are generated!

"Planning a Microhydropower System" added by Lok Yiu NG

Rating: 85/100. The page gives us a detailed guide on how to make a microhydropower system step by step. It is a very practical instruction that is definitely worth following.

"Smart house of the future | TechKnow" added by Man Kit LEE

Rating: 90/100. This video gives an example of a smart house. It can generate its own power, supports electrical vehicle charging, has a geothermal system that helps regulate temperature by water, etc.

"5 innovations that can save the planet and save money" added by Yan Chak TSANG

Rating: 85/100. The page introduces us with 5 innovative products that save energy. For instance, PowerWindow by PHYSEE is a glass-like transparent material that can generate electricity from sunlight.