Lau Wing Hong Victor

References read:

"Using machine learning to understand customer's behavior" added by Ngo Yin Wong. Rating: 80/100

  • This article showed the framework of how machine learning is used to understand customer's behavior, provided with a detailed explanation. However, it will be really difficult for us to implement it in your project at this stage as it demands a high level of knowledge in this area.

"Sustainable Energy: Why we need them and various types of it" added by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi. Rating: 80/100

  • This article is really informative as it talked about the different types of sustainable energy, the reason we need to start using sustainable energy and how can we implement using sustainable energy in our daily life.

"How augmented reality can help create sustainable, environment-friendly smart cities" added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot. Rating 90/100

  • This article talked about with the rise of AR technology, how should we implement it in our daily life, such as using AR technology to help visualize a more sustainable/smart city to let people see that these kind of cities actually works.

"AI mitigating the unpredictability of Renewable Energy" added by Kaustubh Nigam. Rating 85/100

  • This article talked about how Google's AI program: DeepMind was used to predict the energy generation of a windmill farm and how important it is to predict energy generation with sustainable energy.

"Policies to encourage renewable energy" added by Kaustubh Nigam. Rating 70/100

  • This article includes videos and statistics. The statistics are used to show what kinds of reusable energy are we using right now. The videos talked about what is sustainable energy and how it is implemented in countries right now. The article also listed 6 policies that could encourage the use of renewable energy.

"Humanizing AI In The Energy Industry" added by Li Zhuo Kai. Rating 55/100

  • This article is an interview with Patrick Long and Long thinks that energy businesses should start utilizing AI technology in the area such as using sensors to collect information, visualization of the data, and the cleanup of the data. However, the method that the companies can use or how are they going to achieve it was not mentioned.

"Paper Generators: Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding" added by Cheuk Hin Li. Rating 70/100

  • This research is really insightful as it talked about the whole design from planning to making the prototype. However, I am not sure if its really useful because many things are digitized and it is very hard to collect the energy generated and use it.

"DIY Home Energy Monitor & CT sensors explained" added by Wai Shing Hung. Rating 95/100

  • I think this video is really useful as the person showed us the steps needed to recreate the project and we might be able to scale the project up and apply it to our own project. For example, applying it to HKU's buildings.


  • This article talked about energy efficiency, the advantages, and the challenges faced by the community when promoting energy efficiency. I think that although it is very difficult at this stage to promote energy efficiency, we can do it bit by bit.

"Smart Buildings | Sustainable Energy" added by Cheuk Hin Li. Rating 90/100

  • This video talked about how architects and engineers are utilizing different kinds of technology and putting it in buildings to help promote energy. Lot of these ideas are very useful, as the video mentioned, a lot of these technology requires gathering personal data and so we might not be able to apply it in our project.