Lee Man Kit

References read

"Designing an Energy Consumption Visualization for an End User Home Automation Display" added by Wai Shing Hung

Rating: 90/100

  • This publication is comprehensive, which researches the energy-consuming electrical devices and designs energy consumption visualization for householders, providing evaluation lastly.

"Benefits and risks of smart home technologies" added by Shen Zhu Han

Rating: 90/100

  • This publication conducts an objective and comparative analysis on the pros and cons of smart home technologies, which broadens my horizons on the concerns of such technologies.

"Hong Kong Energy End-use Data" added by Wai Shing Hung

Rating: 85/100

  • This report provides lots of HK energy data analysis and comparison, including the energy consumption of different sectors, in a concise and explicit way.

"Artificial Intelligence for Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy – 6 Current Applications" added by Lau Wing Hong Victor

Rating: 85/100

  • This article introduces several AI companies, which gives me a profound insight on how the recent AI logarithms handle the energy efficiency problem.

"The future of energy?" added by Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK

Rating: 82/100

  • This video, supported by scholars, digs into the use of wind energy, CCS and material efficiency on curtailing CO2 emission, which compels one to be alert to the severity of global warming.

"How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize the Energy Industry" added by Shen Zhu Han

Rating: 82/100

  • This article looks into how AI application on smart grid tackles the limitation of implementing electricity generation at household level, which raises my awareness of the importance of AI on energy once again.

"The Simplicity of Saving Energy" added by Cheuk Hin LI

Rating: 82/100

  • This video sets out some easy and practical ways to conserve energy in our daily lives, which helps one dispel the myth or rumours of the difficulty on saving energy.

"10 Ways to Save Energy, Waste, and Money With a More Sustainable Home" added by HUIXI ZHANG

Rating: 82/100

  • This article provides a simple and easy guideline on how to achieve a sustainable home, which can protect the environment by saving energy and save household expenditure simultaneously.

"Designing AR Applications (Google I/O'19)" added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating: 80/100

  • This video helps guide me some design practices of AR technology, but further illustration on the method and process of designing AR app for smart device are not revealed.

"Using machine learning to understand customers behavior" added by Ngo Yin Wong

Rating: 78/100

  • This article studies how machine learning tool interprets customers, providing statistical figures and coding for explanation, but greatly demands intermediate knowledge in the related area.