Lee Ming Hin

References read

"HK Case: Samsung Energy Management" added by Guillemot Raphaele Michelle

Rating: 85/100. A smart system created by Samsung which makes users make good use of renewable energy while saving money by controlling the appliance usage at different times. However this videos seems to be an advertisement selling their produce. XD

"How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills?" added by Ho Kit Fung

Rating 90/100. This video mentions some method used to clean up oil spills nowadays and their cons while briefly introduce some of the the developing methods that may be used in the future with less harm.

"Earth overshooting day" added by Sin Ying Tang

Rating 80/100. Interviews of people on street on what Earth Overshoot day is and it turns out no one knows about it. However the video is so brief and just list out a few definitions and facts without the description by Tang.

"Hong Kong’s transgender community faces workplace discrimination, leading LGBT campaigner to launch company guidance scheme" added by Chun Fai Ho

Rating 80/100. 2 examples of workplace discrimination of transgender community faced in Hong Kong, one of them harassed by his boss while the other's colleagues bogged down by documentary proof when addressing the gender. Therefore, the LGBT campaigner laugh a company guidance scheme but only a few of the company joined.

"Opinion: Why Don’t More People Conserve Energy" added by Cheuk Hin Li

Rating 90/100. It mentioned the failure of the currently promoting green education for the public which makes people learn about old concepts of saving energy but in fact there are alternatives that could save even more energy by giving 2 examples.

"Ocean acidification puts deep-sea coral reefs at risk of collapse" added by JIAYI XIN

Rating 80/100. The article suggested that the key but vulnerable deep-sea coral reefs are in danger because of the ocean acidification caused by increasing CO2 emission of human and a group, UN Decade of Ocean Science will be started to better equip the public to protect these key species.

"Beijing promotes closer human-animal coexistence" added by Lin Chieh-mi

Rating 85/100. The report addressed how urbanization of Beijing threaten the biodiversity there while suggesting measures to minimize these negative effects and make human and wildlife animals living together even in an urban area. Extra marks for cute hedgehog XD

"Our Planet" added by Ching Lam

Rating 95/100. The episode shouted how hard the life of animals nowadays are due to the man-caused destruction to the nature with videos of animals struggling for survival, finding for food and water while contrast with the planet's beauty which are yet to be destroyed. It's so heart-breaking when seeing the cute animals struggling and this also successfully draw our attention.

"Have you seen all of Hong Kong's wild animals?" added by Zihang Qu

Rating 75/100. The video briefly introduce a few type of wildlife that can be found in urban areas to demonstrate how bio-diverse Hong Kong actually is. However, people often frightened by these wildlife when they appears in urban areas but those animals are just get lost in the urban maze.

"Food and mood" added by Zhi Mian Ye

Rating 85/100. Quick tips that tells us how to have better mood by simply having little changes in your diet with scientific reasons. Examples given make the tips more practical. It's good to know that eating the right fats can make you happy without building up our big tummy.

"TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time" added by SHAN Zixuan

Rating 85/100. An animation of how the universe will become from now to infinity years later when time become meaningless. The spectacular images of the universe made me know how tiny and vulnerable we are in the university without our mother Earth so we should protect it or it would be too late.