Lee Sze Choi

References read

"Food Waste Policy Eng 2014-2022" added by Hyunjoo Kim

Rating: 90/100. It includes the visions and targets of the Hong Kong Government towards the food waste in Hong Kong. It also includes useful statistics.

"Reducing Food Waste Benefits the Environment and Economy" added by Junwoo Kang

Rating: 85/100. It includes different benefits when food waste is reduced 20%, and how this can help society.

"South Korea cuts food waste with 'pay as you trash'" added by YEARIM KIM

Rating: 95/100. It tells a real-life example of how to reduce food waste in Korea, which has cause a shocking reduce of more than 50%.

"Dealing with Hong Kong's food waste'" added by Yue Ka LAU

Rating: 80/100. It tells a story of local environmentalists working hard to reduce food waste. It shows that Hong Kong people are enthusiastic to reduce food waste.

"What is Waste?" added by Choi Yoonseo

Rating: 80/100. It defines what is waste, where waste comes from and the history of waste.

"Hong Kong's Rooftop farms" added by Wan Jamie

Rating: 80/100. It is impressive that people can farm in the concrete forest, without government initiatives or support. They may be users of our food waste machine.

"recycling of food waste to produce the plant fertilizer" added by Hyunjoo Kim

Rating: 90/100. A comprehensive research on using different food waste to make fertiliser, it includes the method, nutrition and result of composting.

"This AI trash can is designed to stop you wasting food" added by Jiaxin Wu

Rating: 80/100. It is a bit disappointing that the AI trash can only collects data of food dumped, I thought it could recycle food waste.

"Monster avocados and bread beer: 12 technologies fighting food waste" added by Jiaxin Wu

Rating: 95/100 . Very solid and practical ways to reduce food waste, these could reduce a lot of food waste, but applying these technology may be expensive.

"Food Waste in Hong Kong" added by Chun Ho Chan

Rating: 90/100. A solid research on the situation of food waste in Hong Kong as well as the policies, campaigns and solution to the situation.

"What are the Most Recyclable Materials?" added by HSI-YUN CHANG

Rating: 85/100. An article providing information of sources and products of those most recyclable materials.