Leung Hoi Tung

Leung Hoi Tung

References read

1. "Obesity in Hong Kong reaches 50% of the population" added by Jim Hung

Rating: 80/100 This shows that obesity can be quite a commonly-seen problem in modern cities. It also shows that the population with high cholesterol skyrocketed in the past decade. This shows the importance of educating the public and raising the awareness of staying healthy. It also suggest some reason of being overweight, such as social misunderstanding and increasing reliance on junk food. These reasons can be use as references when we think of how to promote physical health.

2. "Trick Yourself into Finding Motivation to Exercise By Using Psychology" added by Jim Hung

Rating: 90/100 This video suggests the attitude that we should have to motivate ourselves to exercise. He also talks about how to maintain our motivation and hold our interest. This is very important for people to exercise regularly and persistently. We can use these 'tricks' in our website or app to encourage people to stay active in long term.

3. "HANDS UP-Physical Health" added by HuanYan Gao

Rating: 75/100 This video states that there are some skill sets we need in order to make healthy choices, like thinking, listening to others and understanding our own feelings. This reminds me that it is beneficial for people to share and express their ideas or information related to healthy living style. We may consider providing a platform for such information sharing through our website or app that we are working on to promote physical health.

4. "Physical health impacts mental wellbeing" added by HuanYan Gao

Rating: 80/100 This article suggests some technology tools that can help us with tracking and improving physical fitness. These examples includes different aspects, like physical fitness tracking, nutrition and strength training. We may use these examples to understand the common functions of these tools and hence discuss what new functions can be added. Also, it reminds me that physical health and our living style would definitely affect our mental well-being, we may include this little part when we plan our website or app.

5. "Food Addiction" added by Ching Chan

Rating: 80/100 This article reminds me that healthy eating do not only meaning in-taking the right amount of calories, but also to have a balanced diet and diverse aspects of food eaten. Personally, I often see apps that only help people to calculate their calories intake and claim this is 'healthy eating'. Inspired by this article, we may consider emphasizing the importance of balanced diet and help calculate the proportion of different nutrition intake to provide a more comprehensive eating advice.

6. "How to determine calorie burn" added by Jim Hung

Rating: 85/100 This article briefly explains that calculating calories does not include how much you eat in diet and burn at exercise, but it also depends on our weight and body composition. If we want to help people measure their calories need, we may need to consider these factors to provide a more comprehensive reference.

7. "Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity" added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 70/100 Although this video may not be closely related to the project my group would carry out, I found it quite interesting so I want to comment a bit on it. This homemade bicycle generator looks so fun foe me:) It would be great to have one at home, not only can it encourage people to exercise for fun, but also it help to generate clean electricity as well. It will bring benefits to the sustainable development and help educate public at the same time.

8. "The real importance of sports" added by Huajie Lou

Rating: 75/100 This video shows some positive impacts on doing sports. Unlike other references, it focuses more on the critical lessons about exercising. Such as we can learn to be determined and overcoming failures. These attitude are very important and could be applied in our daily lives. We should understand that doing sports can also help us to build up a positive and better mindset.

9. "Stay Physically Active During Self Quarantine" added by Ji Hyun Park

Rating: 80/100 This article suggests some simple exercises that can be done indoors at home. During pandemic right now, many people are unable to go out for exercising. Also, there are some people who hate exercising just because they do not want to out outside and stay away from hot sun or rain. These exercises can be introduced so that they can encourage more people to develop the habit of exercising regularly.

10. "Relationship between health and so" added by Gabrielle Chau

Rating: 85/100 This article shows the importance of managing the proper sodium intake. Especially people in modern cities like Hong Kong, we often eat prepackaged food or eat in restaurant, which usually have high sodium content. In-taking too much sodium would lead to negative impacts on some body parts like the kidney. It may be a good idea to remind people to pay more attention towards this issue.