Li Cheuk Hin

Saving Energy Consumption With Deep Learning

Added by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi

Rating: 95/100

Such video provide interesting insight on how use of Deep Learning can be applied to energy conservation while providing a decent application example and clear explanation.

The future of energy?

Added by Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK


This video provides quite interesting messages on how could wind power and Carbon capture be used to compensate for the pollution generated from traditional power generation methods.

What are smart plugs?

Added by Wai Shing HUNG

Rating: 70/100

The article provide a basic introduction and usage of smart plugs. However, doesn't directly address how it is related to reducing energy use.

Schneider Electric Commercial

Added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating: 95/100

It demonstrate a commercial solution that can be used to provide smarter energy usage control in an effective way, providing crucial insights on how a project could be scale to the whole society while demonstrating it in an intriguing way.

Analysis on Campus Energy Consumption and Energy Saving Measures in Cold Region of China

Added by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi

Rating: 100/100

It provides a very decent real world analysis on how could energy consumption could be reduced in a practical campus environment with quantitative data such that it provide excellent insight.

What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels?

Added by Wong Yuk Tsan

Rating: 80/100

It demonstrated the consequences of continuously using Fossil Fuel as we are currently in the future and provided real life context for it such that it can be easily understood.

CIC presents the ZCB, Hong Kong's first zero carbon building (2013)

Added by Yi Tung YAO

Rating: 90/100

This video introduced the ZCB project in an appealing way and used statistics and excellent analogies to showcases it achievement and explained how it managed to do so clearly.

Humanizing AI In The Energy Industry

Added by Li Zhuo Kai

Rating: 70/100

It simply described how AI is used in the energy production industry and briefly discussed about the details of the technology used and where it can be used.

Advantages and disadvantages of energy efficiency

Added by Wong Yuk Tsan

Rating: 75/100

This article raises some good points regarding why promoting energy efficiency is difficult and provide good introduction and fronts that could be improved on.

What is Waste-to-Energy

Added by Wong Yuk Tsan

Rating: 85/100

This article introduces waste-to-energy in an comprehensive manner and discusses various concerns regarding the topic in a extensive manner.