Li Hiu Ying

Men, Masculinity, and the Contexts of Help Seeking (Michael E. Addis Clark, James R. Mahalik)

It is a detailed paper talking about impacts masculinity has on people and society and ways to help men that living under patriarchy system.

What We Mean When We Say, “Toxic Masculinity” (Colleen Clemens)

People always link up masculinity with physical power which gives others a false concept that may lead to act of violence.

Why I'm done trying to be "man enough" (Justin Baldoni)

He talked about feminism and his personal experience on emotions. He encouraged other men to embrace their own feelings and femininity.

MEETING THE ENEMY A feminist comes to terms with the Men's Rights movement (Cassie Jaye)

By sharing her documenting experience with man rights activists, she pointed out that many feminists prejudged MRAs and men need help as much as women do.

Toxic Masculinity Is Bad for Everyone: Why Teachers Must Disrupt Gender Norms Every Day (Colleen Clemens)

It stated that there is a false concept of ‘men are naturally violent’ and the importance of education to correct the stereotype.