Li Zhuo Kai

Reference Summary

1.Do Motion Sensor Light Switches Worth it?(85/100)

The article delivered by Sean actually shows us some extra energy consumption on the motion sensor light switches. For me, I don't think using such devices a good idea since it may be activated even in the daytime when there is no need of lights.

2.AI mitigating the unpredictability of Renewable Energy(90/100)

AI plays a more and more important role in the today's life. To generate electricity better, we can apply AI on the system. With weather broadcast, it can calculate how to collect wind power or solar power in the highest efficiency.

3.Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity(90/100)

As the topic says, the video introduce DIY machine which can generate when you cycling. Simple but efficiency. I think it's a possible project for us to do within 1000 dollars.

4.Electric Harvesting Tiles(95/100)

We lost some energy every single step we make. The Electric Harvesting Tiles is some kind of devices that can turn that into energy we can use. Since the millions of people walks on the sidewalk everyday, the energy we can get is huge.

5.HK Case: Samsung Energy Management(85/100)

I think such technology is still a future technology. It needs the application of IOT and need a lot of devices. But I am worried about the security of the users' privacy.

6.Hydropower for the home(85/100)

What occured to me first when I hear hydropower is dam. The article shows that for people who live next to a river they may also apply a hydropower system. This can help save a lot of electrcity.Now, I've been thinking whether it is able to apply a smaller one on the pipe of an apartment.


A simple generator which can be made by ourselves. It can be cheap and clean but I am doubt whether it can have a good efficiency.

8.The Future of Energy Storage Beyond Lithium Ion(90/100)

When we talk about clean energy, we may think about solar or wind power. But we usually ignore how to store the energy we get so that it can be use when we need it. The video shows us a possible way by using Lithium battery.

9.Energy saving auto dimming street lights(90/100)

The video reminds me of the motion sensor light switch. I think it may be more powerful if we use that. It may cut many energy consumption.

10.Reducing the operational energy demand in buildings using building information modeling tools and sustainability approaches(90/100)

The article introduce a way to control our energy consumption in the building. It introduce some new technology to build a intelligent building.

11.Hong Kong villagers using solar energy to help power their homes - and show its potential as a source of electricity for city- and show its potential as a source of electricity for city(90/100)

HK villagers using solar energy to help power their homes which can be a solution to the shortage of electricity. For me, I believe its a good way to help those people in poverty to be able to use electricity.

12.What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels?(95/100)

As the topic, the video shows a possible future if we burn all our fossil fuels. With the aggragation of the green house effect, human beings are facing an uncertain future. Will we end up our lives like that?

13.What is the Smart Grid?(90/100)

The smart grid is going to replace our present grid and change our energy consumption structure. It may be a trend for the future energy industry.

14.Causes, Effects and Solutions for Global Energy Crisis(85/100)

The article unveil a huge question in human history. We are running out of energy despite many efforts . It is the result of many reasons and will definitely have a huge negative impact on us.

15.Wrapping your head around overpackaging – and taking action(90/100)

A lot of products we buy on the market are covered by thick plastic which is a waste of both energy end resources. If we want to save more energy, we need to tackle with this question