Ma Cheuk Lai

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Healthy Eating added by Chau Cheuk Him

Rate: 95/100

I think that the article is very useful to facilitate healthy eating habit since it starts from the basic ideas like the Food Triangle, then to different food nutrients that human need to consume. I believe it is crucial to let people all over the world equipped with these kind of information so that there will be less health problems caused by unhealthy eating habits.

This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts To You added by Tsang Hoi Wai

Rate: 96/100

This introduction to the smart lightbulb is very inspiring because it had shown that we can save energy by moving small steps forward. Just with a smart lightbulb with different eco-friendly functions can help a lot, it showcased how small but mighty inventions can change the world.

Obesity in Hong Kong reaches 50% of the population added by Hung Wai Kwan, Jim

Rate: 91/100

This report had raised the awareness of the problem obesity. Obesity is not only linking to unhealthy eating habit, but also poor physical health. For instance, Hong Kongers seldom work out or do some exercises in leisure time. It shows that how severe obesity is in Hong Kong so that we should put more effort in promoting healthy eating habits and also daily exercises.

On Diversity: Access Ain't Inclusion added by Yan Xiao Han

Rate: 95/100

I like the idea that it has shown inclusion issues not only about races and gender. Instead, it had shown that the wealth gap between people is also an important issue in inclusion. Schools should be a diverse place which opens equally for all kinds of people, but are the families who are not that wealthy being taken care of? It is a question that worths investigating.

Inclusion of people with disabilities added Sin Hoi Yan Melanie

Rate: 95/100

This reference had show what situation of people with disabilities faced, they faced different difficulties in daily lives, and inclusion to people with disabilities is crucial. On the whole, the reference has reminded how can we help with the lives of the disabled people.

Food and Mood added by Ye Zhi Mian

Rate: 92/100

This reference is similar to a reference that I found that talk about the relationship between food and mood. In this reference, it mentioned how different types of food and diet can affect out mental health, and in some more severe case, become a cause for different mental disorder. We may consider raising the awareness of relationship between food and mental health.

How do you feel - Shy added by Chu Henry Tin Hang

Rate: 100/100

I am quite inspired by this reference. When it comes to mental disorder, we usually think of depression and others more obvious shown diseases. But being overly shy, which is a kind of social anxiety as shown in the reference is actually a mental health problem. This reference is good as it shows that there are actually far more different kinds of mental disorders that we should also pay attention no(no matter to our own, or people really suffering with that kind of disorder)

Fighting against gender stereotypes added by Thong Pei Cheng

Rate: 90/100

The experience of those Portuguese is really a good example to broke the gender stereotypes. Same as Portugal, asian countries also have deep rooted gender stereotypes. For instance, boy must be strong and tough, girls must be taking care of their family. How can asian people break these gender stereotypes, like the Portuguese?

Ten of Hong Kong’s most endangered species, from animals hunted for TCM to the gigantic Plantasaurus added by Chieh Mi Lin

Rate: 95/100

The reference shows Hong Kong's most endangered species. It shows that Hong Kong Biodiversity is in danger and we must do more to protect the endangered species, for example to stop hunting and protect their habitat.

Social Media’s Impact on Eating Disorders added by Zulfqar Larben Bibi

Rate: 98/100

It is another linkage between eating habit and the social media. The reference shows that social media platforms can actually lead to eating disorders, for example, we all need to be super thin so that we can look good. People will then tend to eat less and at last led to eating disorder. It shows that social media must take part of the responsibility of leadings to eating disorders.