Mander Abheet Singh

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One year after landmark gay rights ruling, Hong Kong government still opposes LGBT equality

Rating: 94/100

The article is about how the HK government is still reviewing benefits for same-sex partners of civil workers even though it has been over a year since the Court of Final Appeal handed down a decision regarding it. It also mentions a recent example where even after losing the case, the government nonetheless filed an appeal.

Health and Physical Activity in Hong Kong - A Review

Rating: 88/100

This review discusses the various common health problems found in HK and evaluates the healthcare costs associated with it. It also explains the reasoning quite well and provides many recommendations and possible solutions to the issues at hand.

Why is biodiversity important

Rating: 92/100

This is a website about Biodiversity throughout the planet and has a lot of information regarding the concept and why it is relevant in the modern age. It has many different resources regarding biodiversity and explains the impact that it has on the planet as a whole.

How AI is Shaping the Future of Energy

Rating: 82/100

This article discusses the application of AI to manage energy systems and distribution in real time. The article explains the process of training the AI and how the AI could be used in the field to achieve the goals that the company has WRT energy management.

Mental Health Awareness - Why Is Mental Health Important?

Rating 97/100

The interviewee in this interview is an expert on the topic of mental health and explains the importance of mental health for all aspects of life and explains some of the shortcomings of the modern world with regards to mental health.