Mock Hussain Ho Yin
Mock Hussain Ho Yin

Mock Hussain Ho Yin

Reference Read

  1. "Physical Health Impact Mental Wellbeing" added by Gao Huan Yan. Physical and mental health are interconnected. The piece provided useful, free resources for people to keep track of their physical health. (80/100)
  2. "What is Organic Food, and is it Better Than Non-Organic?" added by Jingran Cui. This piece shown that the evidence about nutritional content of organic food is mixed and need more research before drawing any conclusions. (70/100)
  3. "10 Things You Can Do to Make Your Class Socially Inclusive" added by Li Wang Hei. The piece show ways that teachers can practice to create an inclusive atmosphere for students in the school setting. (80/100)
  4. "Hollywood’s Inclusion Problems Still Run Deep, Study Finds" added by Chan Check Yu Andrea. The US film industry is working hard to achieve gender inclusion. But, there are more that film sector can do to improve for a good change. (85/100)
  5. "In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell" added by Chan Check Yu Andrea. Preschools in Sweden started a pioneer education project to tear down gender stereotype and the project face some criticism among society. (90/100)
  6. "Five ways to make cities healthier and more sustainable" added by Jingran Cui. The piece shows methods that cities can do to deal with increase population in an eco-friendly way without intensifying global warming. (85/100)
  7. "Together We Learn Better: Inclusive Schools Benefit All Children" added by Asuka Wakino. The article illustrate advantages that inclusive education bring to children for their all-rounded development and how schools can benefit. (80/100)
  8. "5 Simple Tips That Will Help You Create an Exercise Habit" added by Leung Hoi Tung. This piece provide guidance and emotion advices for beginners to develop exercise habit easily and consistently: start small, keep it up. (85/100)
  9. "These Men Are Waiting to Share Some Feelings With You" added by But Cheuk Lam Cherry. The ManKind Project breaks gender stereotype and toxic masculinity, concerns man's emotional well-being through group sharing sessions. (90/100)
  10. "5 signs you're working out too hard" added by Leung Hoi Tung. Working out too much or in wrong posture is bad to our body and the article list out conditions that appear if people work out too hard. (80/100)