Ng Lok Yiu

References read:

1."Analysis on Campus Energy Consumption and Energy Saving Measures in Cold Region of China"added by Mi Hongyu

Rating:90/100. The research paper focused on the energy usage of the library in the University, and some possible ways to increase energy efficiency.

2."6 Ways to Instantly SAVE MONEY on Utility Bills" added by Yi Tung YAO

Rating:85/100. The video shows ways to reduce energy and water usage at home.

3."Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity" added by Yi Tung Yao

Rating:95/100. The video shows how to make a generator powered by cycling.

4."25 Essential Ways to Save Energy at Home" added by Hoi Wei TSANG

Rating:80/100. The book shows simple ways to reduce a significant amount of energy usage.

5."Best Energy-Saving Gadgets for Your Home" added by Hoi Wei TSANG

Rating:95/100. The passage introduces gadgets that use advanced technology to help save energy at home.

6.” Motion Sensor Light in Action” added by Sean Michael Suntoso

Rating:90/100. This video shows how lightings in home can be controlled by motion sensors.

7.” How AI Lighting Can Fool You Into Thinking Lights Are On” added by Sean Michael Suntoso

Rating:95/100. This article introduces how AI can help saving electricity while not affecting employee’s work.

8.” Electric Harvesting Tiles” added by Kaustubh Nigam

Rating:95/100. The webpage introduces electric harvesting tiles, which generates electricity when people walk on it.

9.” Smart Energy Management App” added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating:90/100. The website introduces an app that helps saving energy by IoT sensors.

10.” What are smart plugs?” added by Wai Shing HUNG

Rating:90/100. The website explains what smart plug is and how they work.