Qu Zihang

References read

1."My Zero Waste Hacks! (During COVID-19)" added by Chi Chau Hang Frankie

Rating:85/100 . The video introduces a few tips of how to be more environmental friendly under covid19 pandemic , including the adoption of reusable cups and face masks.

2."The Simplicity of Saving Energy"added by Li Cheuk Hin

Rating:80/100. In the video, Braden Hoefer shares some of his insights on easy ways to save electricity . Unplug the devices not in use and custom to save energy usage wisely .

3."What Happens After An Oil Spill?" added by Ho Kit Fung

Rating:85/100 . The video explain the negative impact of oil spill the marine animals and marine animals . The illustration using cartoons is comfortable to watch .

4."This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts To You" added by Hoi Wei TSANG

Rating:90/100 . The article about responsive light bulb is amazing . With the app , groupings of lights for specific rooms can be set up . The bulb will automatically light up and glows off depends on activities of user.

5."Breaking Stereotypes: Unconscious Bias" added by Chen Hsin-Mei

Rating:80/100 The article list out the problem with stereotypes and unconscious bias is that they are not based on rationality and logic.

6."Mental Health Crisis in Hong Kong"added by nicole angelique

Rating:90/100 The article focuses on the unprecedented political crisis which affects everyone in Hong Kong. There has been a deterioration in mental health among the people to its worst level in 8 years.

7."What is Sustainability Leadership?" added by Wing Hong Victor Lau

Rating:80/100 The article list out sustainability leadership principles.

1.Understanding the interconnections of systems 2.Think globally and toward the future. 3.Protect nature and people. 4.Transform business as usual. 5.Lead by example in your actions.

8."Food Waste Prevention"added by SZE choi Lee

Rating:70/100 The web page includes few tips of food waste prevention .However, the information provided is not enough and the ideas are too precise

9."Augmented Reality in Unity' added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating: 85/100 The video shows different usage for AR in entertainment, industries and education. Unity provides powerful tools to make rich, deeply engaging augmented reality experiences that intelligently interact with the real world, which is amazing.

10."Grand Challenges in Sustainable Food Processing"added by Jingran Cui

Rating: 80/100 The article discuss the issue of Sustainability, which is a main driver for social, technological, and economic development This is even more important in the food industry as this issue of sustainability also demands that food that complies with safety and security.