Ryan Shiu Lun Au


Dr Ryan Au Yeung joined the School of Public Health, the University of Hong Kong after his MPH training (with distinction) in 2008 and PhD training in 2012 at the University of Hong Kong. Dr Au Yeung is currently the Deputy Programme Director of the Bachelor of Arts of Sciences in Global Health and Development [BASc(GHD)].

Dr Au Yeung’s primary research interests include the determinants and consequences of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, health effects of medications, and health effects of alcohol using longitudinal cohort studies and Mendelian randomization. In recent years, Dr Au Yeung has used Mendelian randomization studies to explore the determinants of cardiovascular diseases, including lung function and glycemic traits. His more recent work relates to the design of Mendelian randomization studies using UK Biobank and summary statistics from genome wide association studies to explore the pleiotropic effects of metformin.

Dr Au Yeung has 62 publications listed at Scopus. Dr Au Yeung was awarded the Health and Medical Research Fund Research Fellowship (2014), and the American Journal of Epidemiology (AJE) Article of the Year (2015).

Dr Au Yeung is currently an editorial board member of Scientific Reports and serves as reviewers for various journals, including British Medical Journal, Circulation, BMC Medicine, and International Journal of Epidemiology.