SHAN Zixuan

References read

"Virtual tours" added by Qi Yu

Rating:90/100. The virtual tour idea actually shows the technology of visiting different areas. It may have the potential of enabling anyone to looking at each corner in the city and in the nature, which can be a powerful tool to making ordinary people aware of biodiversity.

"15 Ways We Can Conserve Biodiversity Today" added by Zihang QU

Rating:85/100. The fifteen methods listed by the author are undoubtedly comprehensive and effective because they focus on real actions people can take to solve faced problems. The 15 ways include what ordinary citizens can do and what governments can.

"Water pollution in Hong Kong" added by Ho Kit Fung

Rating:85/100. The video is very interesting because it use handmade paper cartoon to tell audience that the pollution of water in Hong Kong comes from factory production and so on then analyze the damage and methods step by step.

"Loss of biodiversity" added by Zihang QU

Rating:85/100. The website lists two kinds of reasons that lead to the biodiversity loss including natural reasons and man-made reasons. After that it emphasizes on the humans' impact on species loss which alarms readers.

"How Do We Clean Up Oil Spills?" added by Ho Kit Fung

Rating:90/100. The video shows the ways people usually take to deal with oil spills such as using joint ship and large tools to collect them and it also tells about the new materials that scientists invented to make oil spills easier to be cleaned up.

“Have you seen all of Hong Kong's wild animals?” added by Zihang QU

Rating:95/100. This video lead audience to a special Hong Kong where lives snakes, bats, wild boars, monkeys, masked palm civets, leopard cats, and barking deer. These animals share space of Hong Kong with people, building a natural relationship.

"Rivers - The Ocean Clean Up" added by Yiu Chun Ho

Rating:85/100. The website indicates that river pollution is the biggest factor of ocean pollution and mark those rivers which have high plastic pollution on the map. This is clear for us to see where need to take immediately action to deal with the river pollution to protect our river and ocean.

"What really happens to the plastic you throw away- Emma Bryce" added by Emma Bryce

Rating:100/100. This video use cartoon and a man's words to show us the experience of plastic which is thrown away by people, the content and pictures of the video are so interesting and attractive that I think it is worth 100/100.

"WWF report finds sharp decline in biodiversity, Canada in 'crisis' " added by Zhou Peiwen

Rating:85/100. This website show us humans' effects on biodiversity and the fact of sharp decline in biodiversity, which warns readers of the future and also give advice on how to make our world better again.

"Our Planet" added by Ching Lam

Rating:80/100. The document is showing us what people have done that make destruction to our biodiversity and planet, and how animals and environment connect to each others, which tells readers something about biodiversity with a wide field of vision.