Sin Hoi Yan Melanie
Sin Hoi Yan Melanie

Sin Hoi Yan Melanie

References Read

  1. "Gender Roles and Stereotypes" added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan

Rating: 90/100. The video has clearly explained the concept of gender stereotypes and has given concrete examples such as how people expect male (strong and aggressive) and female (kind and emotional) should be.

2. "Gender Equality: Now" added by Kay Chung

Rating: 90/100. The video has depicted the gender inequality problem in society. It gives examples of how women are excluded from society, family, workplace etc. It also gives suggestions on how to achieve gender equality.

3. "Science is everybody's party: 6 ways to support diversity and inclusion in STEM" added by Hussain Ho Yin MOCK

Rating: 85/100. The article has presented various ways to support inclusion in STEM e.g. recognize the work of marginalized scientists and engage in mentorship.

4. "Hong Kong’s transgender community faces workplace discrimination, leading LGBT campaigner to launch company guidance scheme" added by Erica Yeung

Rating: 85/100. The news article had depicted the difficulties faced by the LGBT group in Hong Kong. The interviewees have described their own experience of facing discrimination in the workplace.

5. "Changes in Gender Inequality in Asia" added by Kay Chung

Rating: 80/100. The article has introduced the gender inequality problem in Asia and explained the improvement on poverty and political development because of gender equality.

6. 'Don’t donate blood if you’re gay' added by Leo (Wing Hin) Yuen

Rating: 80/100. The news article has mentioned a ridiculous policy set by Hong Kong Red Cross, which is gay men should abstain from sex for one year before they donate blood. This shows a discrimination on LGBT group, as they agreed with the view that HIV and AIDS is prevalent in the gay community, which is actually disproportion and misconception. Also, it reveals a lack of understanding on LGBT group among people and even international organizations. This shows that LGBT is not really included in the society and the society also has low acceptance on them.

7. 'How to Promote Diversity Awareness & Cultural Diversity in Higher Education' added by Chen HuiLin

Rating: 90/100. In universities, you can meet and know much more people with different personalities and nationalities than in secondary school, it is necessary for students in higher education to embrace diversity and include one another into their life. The article has mentioned various ways to cultural diversity and diversity awareness on campus take the universities can do, but I think it is also important for individuals to take actions.

8. 'Hong Kong women face gender discrimination in the workplace and great expectations at home' added by Siu Man Yan

Rating: 75/100. The letter has mentioned that Hong Kong women are facing discrimination in the workplace since they are child-bearing and committed more time to their family issues, so employers are more reluctant to hire women than men. Women also tend to receive a lower salary than men too. However, the ability of women does not necessarily weaker than men since more women actually enter universities than men and enter the workforce in equal number. Thus, it is unfair to label women and discriminate them in the workplace. More actions should be done to protect the right of women.

9. 'Academic marginalisation of Hong Kong’s ethnic minority groups increases amid coronavirus pandemic' added by Chen Huilin

Rating: 85/100. The news article has mentioned that ethnic minorities are facing many difficulties and marginalisation in education in Hong Kong due to the pandemic. Most of the ethnic minorities are lack of resources to support their education such as they may face difficulties in finding stable internet access and computers. Fortunately, there are kindhearted people founded an education centre to offer them help. But I think the problem worth for more attention because every child (both local and ethnic minorities) should have equal opportunities in learning and they should not be excluded because of poverty.

10. 'What it's like to grow up an ethnic minority in HK' added by Leo (Wing Hin) Yuen

Rating: 85/100. The news article has described the hardship and unfairness faced by the ethnic minorities in both workplaces and in school such as having paid below minimum wage when work and have a stricter policy on applying leaves. Local Hong Kong people also don't have a sufficient understanding of the history of ethnic minorities. However, they are also a part of making up the society, so they should not be omitted. Thus, more action should be done to alleviate discrimination on ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.