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The study assesses the effect of a free breakfast club intervention on dietary habits among students at vocational schools. Provision of free breakfast at vocational schools can improve the dietary quality of breakfast and decrease breakfast skipping.

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The subject of waste is the last instalment of this three-part series on sustainability and the big environmental challenges. The article explains how food waste disposer works and how food waste is disposed through the water.

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It discussed a simple definition of waste and its creation in a clear way. Through this explanation, we can understand how waste is produced and try to reduce it in those ways.

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The video warns that don't recycle goods unless you are absolutely sure it is recyclable. People usually tend to throw the good in the recycling bin just because it 'feels right'. However, this means that the recyclable goods got contaminated with non-recyclable goods and become trash.

Pandemic food delivery boom creating vast amounts of plastic waste in China

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The objective of this video is about the waste caused by food delivery. Food deliveries as an industry was booming under this circumstance not just in China, but the whole world as well. Just in 2019, food-ordering apps in China delivered over 50 million takeaway each day, with each order used at least 3 plastic boxes or bags. Adding up to 150,000,000 pieces of plastic waste being generated in China each day.

South Korea once recycled 2% of its food waste. Now it recycles 95%

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The article shows South Korea's solution toward food waste issues. There are many effective methods we can apply to improve the sustainability of Hong Kong

Food waste: a new opportunity for entrepreneurs

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The article introduces creative approaches to solving food waste issues. Food banks collect leftover foods and redistribute them, and some businesses are recycling food as fertilizer or soil amendment to create new food.

Tokyo's Thrift-shopping Fashion Culture

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In the article, the author discovers 20 thrift stores in the dense residential area packed with vintage stores, cafes, bars, record shops, and music venues. Shimokitazawa is the fashion centre of Tokyo's thrift-shopping culture, which is also known as the hipster holy land.

Renewable energy: What’s going on with the electrical grid? | Dr. Rob Maher | TEDxBozeman

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The video mainly introduces the cutting edge renewable energy technology electrical grid, some of the challenges and its limitations, as well as what should be focused on in the future

Turning waste into fuel for perfect combustion

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The new SLA Combustion Method was invented. By turning waste into dried solid residues and combustible gas, we are provided with a brand new view on how to solve waste problems.

[Feature] War on single-use plastics faces another setback as virus fears resurge

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With concern about the COVID-19 situation, this article demonstrates the side-effects generated from the use of plastic masks, especially the impact on South Korea's economy and pollution level.

Challenges and strategies for effective plastic waste management during and post COVID-19 pandemic

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The book provides some effective methods on dealing with the plastic waste problem, under the circumstances that the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the complexities of plastic waste management.

Foodpanda Singapore Partners With BarePack To Bring Reusable Packaging For Food Deliveries

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Foodpanda has just announced that they are collaborating with Singapore startup barePack to offer reusable food containers to their customers in the city-state. The initiative hopes to combat rising disposable packaging waste as foodservice in Singapore remains limited to takeaway and delivery since coronavirus lockdown measures began in April.

My Zero Waste Hacks! (During COVID-19)

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The article provides consumers with ways to reposition ourselves, to stop relying on so many disposable wastes for the sake of less contamination and convenient.

Waste Incineration: A Dirty Secret in How States Define Renewable Energy

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Burning garbage to generate power is neither clean nor renewable. Yet, aging, costly, and polluting solid waste incinerators have been bolstered by a dirty secret — 23 states legally classify incineration as “renewable” in their energy goals and commitments.