Su Meiwen

Reference summary

  1. Living with Generalized Anxiety Disorder + Q&A from Jazmyn

In this video, the girl shares her very personal experiences in struggling with anxiety. It is inspiring and alarming to audiences to a great extent not only because it reminds people of their encounters in reality, but also reveals the severe consequence of ignoring mental health concern.

Score: 85

2. Get to know Bipolar Disorder! pt.1 - 6 reasons Bipolar Disorder isn't all bad from Nicole

This video is interesting that it looks at the bipolar disorder from a very distinctive perspective. Instead of simply listing out the negative sides of the disorder, the video tries to look at the positive aspects of it and try to remove the delinquent stigma. It's inspiring to a great extent.

Score: 80

3. 10 things to say to someone with a mental health problem from Kate

In the article, the writer provides a range of pretty constructive advice of how to correctly treat people with mental problems. It inspires me with the point that people don't need to be professional to help mental patients. Actually, kindness and a listening attitude is the best cure to people who are craving for care.


4. Depression and Anxiety in Hong Kong during COVID-19 from Jazmyn

The article presents an astonishing statistics of how COVID-19 has resulted in a rapid increase in mental problems. While the public is paying attention to the physical hygiene, it's also worth-noting how the pandemic can worsen individual's mental hygiene. The article promotes me to reflect on how can mental patients receive proper treatment when the condition doesn't allow them to contact offline.

Score: 90

5. Schizophrenia and Dissociative Disorders from Khushee

This is a really comprehensive psychology knowledge propagation. It's the first time I learn Schizophrenia in a relatively objective manner. I've done some other research about related disorder after reading this article.

Score: 85