Suntoso Sean Michael
Suntoso Sean Michael

Suntoso Sean Michael

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NEMH20 - cordless & automatic pool cleaner robot by NEMH20 Robot (Video), 2017

Rating: 75/100

Ho Kit Fung shared this video showcasing the pool cleaning robot in action. It shows how its work and where the waste goes. Overall, brainstorming and searching for idea is great using this video. There are not enough of information on how to make one.

Sun Tracking Solar Panel by Electronics Hub, 2018

Rating: 90/100

Kaustubh Nigam Shared article about solar panel making. The article is talking about making solar panel that move according to the sun location. Circuit diagram is also included. At last, the writer tells about the advantage, application and limitation of using it.

WWF Reveals the Latest Carbon Footprint Data Average Carbon Footprint of Hong Kong Citizen is 13.44 Tonnes, Air Travel to Blame by WWF, 2010

Rating: 85/100

This article was shared by Ngo Yin Wong. In short, this article give a staggering fact about Hong Kong carbon footprint data. Asking all of us human to adjust our lifestyle for better climate in the future.

The Future of Energy? By Cambridge University (Video), 2012


Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK shared this video. The video is talking more about sustainable energy. Making more efficient wind turbine and how to treat the CO2 from burning fossil fuel.

How to Save Money and Energy with Smart Home Devices by Rachel Cericola, 2019


Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK shared this article. It is talking about how we can save energy using smart home devices. Saving energy by using smart bulb like Philips Hue with dim feature. Adding smart leak sensor to save water. Using smart thermostat to reduce waste on using AC. And using mini switch to reduce energy usage.