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Survey on Hong Kong People’s Eating Habit added by Jim Hung

Rating: 80/100. We can clearly see people’s consciousness about their diet from this report. The stats are strong evidence of HK People’s poor eating habit. (140 char)

20 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT | At Home & Equipment Free added by MINJUN KIMRating: 70/100. It demonstrates a good way to exercise at home, very useful for people who are busy or without equipment to maintain their physical health. (139 char)

How Nutrition Can Help to Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic added by Ji Hyun Park

Rating: 50/100. The suggestions are general nutrition / diet advice. They might help us maintain a healthy diet, but not really “fight against” Covid-19. (138 char)

What is Waste-to-Energy added by Yuk Tsan WONG

Rating: 60/100. It explained the concept of “waste-to-energy” with FAQs and in a clear flow. It is user-friendly for people who newly heard of this issue. (138 char)

What Are the Biggest Barriers to Eating Healthy? added by Partrick Thomas Kho

Rating: 70/100. It pinpoints the factors that stop people from eating healthily, and gives feasible suggestions which help motivate us to eat healthier. (136 char)

Automation Systems for School Buildings added by Kwok Shi Ming Jasmine

Rating: 80/100. A smart automation indeed is a very smart way to say energy while optimizing the quality of the environment at the same time. (125 char)

The role of social media on recycling behaviour added by Kang Junwoo

Rating: 70/100. Social media causes huge influence among people. To raise people’s awareness towards recycling, social media should be the stepping stone. (138 char)

What really happens to the plastic you throw away added by Zhang Huixi

Rating: 80/100. This video really tells me the impact of plastic waste. It makes me think twice before I use a plastic product. (111 char)

Energy shortage systerm added by Zhang Huixi

Rating: 10/100. Seems there is no link of the reference.

What is depression? - Helen M. Farrell added by Chung Yiu Yeung

Rating: 70/100. Depression will cause a huge impact on our lives, and is hard to cure completely. People should recognize and be aware of depression more. (139 char)