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"Here Are Some Incredible Virtual Tours To Help You Pass The Time" added by Yu Qi

Rating: 95/100. It really gives me alternative ways to go sightseeing without physically going, especially in the age of social distance. It is very useful for our group as case study!😉

"Remote Robot Cleans Trash from Water" added by Yiu Chun Ho

Rating: 90/100. The article is very interesting. But 90 marks are all due to the detailed procedures! I can really know that enough experiments are needed for a successful invention!

"Hong Kong Country Parks TV" added by Tsz Chun CHENG

Rating: 95/100. The video is very short, but the props and dialogue are all very hilarious. I truly think that this element can be included into our virtual tour which requires filming.🙂

"PTSD 101 pt.1 - Different types of PTSD" added by Nichole Angelique

Rating: 90/100. What it tells is thought-provoking. That keeps me thinking of a quote 'a lucky man will be cured for lifelong by his childhood, and an unlucky one has to recover from childhood for lifelong.'

"Insomnia - causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & pathology"

Rating:70/100. The so-called 'stimulation treatment'- using your bed just for sleeping instead of watching telly. Some of my friends with insomnia found this in fact cannot help.

"10 ways to prioritize student mental health" added by Yiu Yeung CHUNG

Rating: 80/100. This article surprises me, as it includes the ways for university students to get away with or alleviate stress, which are pretty much helpful though.

"A Delicious Revolution" added by Wu Jirawong

Rating: 85/100. This article not only introduces what to eat and how to eat healthily in our daily life, but also provides corresponding links for food choice, though it's for US.

"5 Green Smoothie Recipes" added by Wan Jamie

Rating:70/100. This video makes me confusing, as I am not sure whether author is nutritional expertise or not. If not, it may lead to orthorexia in teens if they go too far.

"The Doomsday Clock says it's almost the end of the world as we know it." added by Wu Jirawong

Rating: 95/100. It's 5 minutes to midnight- that's what I heard in the past. I can't imagine actually the wordings become '2 minutes' in 2019, possibly due to climate change.

"Dark clouds loom over ASEAN's mental health" added by Nichole Angelique

Rating: 80/100. In this article, I can really reach out to the ASEAN countries, which is suffering in depression, bipolar affective disorder, schizophrenia, dementia and borderline personality disorder.