Tsang Hoi Wei

Reference Review

  1. Passive House = 90% Home Energy Reduction! (By Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan) (90/100)

This video provides us a very good insight on how to save the energy usage including the lightings as well as the heat-insulating wall so as to automatically adapt the changing environment. This also provides possibility to our project direction on implementing these energy-saving measures.

2. Smart Home Tech Tour (By Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan) (95/100)

This video is more related to the digital implementation instead of physical implementation. This allows our project team to extend the functionality of our current project to a more user-friendly manner. Moreover, the lighting inside the house can freely adjust the warmth and temperature, which allows us to refer and investigate.

3. What are smart plugs? (By Wai Shing HUNG) (95/100)

This passage mentioned the application of smart plugs. We usually forget to take the plugs off while the electrical appliances are not in use, causing extra electrical consumption. By the invention, we can try to integrate with our auto-brightness lamp to maximise the energy-saving effiecieny, which is also our potential investigation.

4. Who is leading in renewable energy? | CNBC Explains (By Hongyu (Timmy) Mi) (85/100)

This video is about the current energy consumption situation in various country. It also demonstrates the consumption patterns and proportion of electricity. It can be seen that the household electricity contributes certain amount of electricity usage. This implies there are importance to investigate in the energy-saving bulb.

5. Priva ECO (By Shi Ming Jasmine KWOK) (100/100)

This serves as a very good demonstration of how the use of information system can be seamlessly integrate with the energy usage management. This gives us a very great insight of how to combine different energy saving gadgets into one single platform to increase the level of convenience of the end-users.