Tsang Yan Chak

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The Top 9 reasons Why People DO NOT Exercise - And How To OVERCOME Them ( by Wilson Chau)

it is a youtube video talking about excuses made by people that is lazy and not willing to do exercise regularly, it also stated different kinds of motivation such as setting smart goals and monitoring your own progress. In order to effectively lose weight or build muscle. He also argue that people are afraid of injury just because they lack confidence, which can be easily solved by getting a personal trainer to avoid these problems.

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When will fossil fuels run out ( by Chun Lam Chan )

It is a webpage introducing fossil fuel and its disadvantages, including its chemical component of hydrocarbons. It also cause various pollution problem which leads to massive destruction of the habitat. It stated the predicted period of time that fossil fuel will last which is until 2051-2081 for oil,coal and gas. At last, it introduces other alternatives to fossil fuel such as solar power and provided the reasons why.


Hated Veggies As A Kid? These Are The Scientific Reasons Why (by Ye Zhi Mian)

It is a webpage on the reasons why kids don't like vegetables when they are young, it is because out taste buds change over time when we grow up, and some of it is related to our species evolution that we are programmed to hate those vegetables since some are bitter in taste. However, by changing it's taste through cooking and other additives and spices, people will change and no longer refuse to eat them.


Food Waste convert to fertilizers ( by Junwoo Kung)

it is a youtube video about the conversion of food waste to fertilizers. First by feeding the food waste to bin-lifters, then manually sort the non-organic waste out on a sorting platform. After that, the food waste are shredded into small pieces and separated by solid-liquid separator. Finally , after 24 hours of fermentation , the food is converted to fertilizer.


HK URBAN ROOFTOP FARMING (by Chi Chau Hang Frankie)

it is a website introducing urban rooftop farming, unite different rooftop gardens in Hong Kong. It also introduce different form of urban farming , and explained why it is suitable to be conducted on rooftop. It is because rooftops have access to sunlight, rain, shelter from winds which are essential to plant growth, these conditions favors agricultural activities. At last, it explained its difference to green roofs, it promotes greater social interaction and healthier urban lifestyles.


Stay Physically Active During Self Quarantine (by Ji Hyun Park)

it is a webpage from the world health organization to guide and encourage people to exercise during quarantine, given the fact that most fitness centre are closed. The WHO recommend 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity physical activity per week. Therefore they suggest a few method to stay active including following online exercise classes and simply by walking and standing up.


Saving Energy Consumption With Deep. Learning(by Hongyu(Timmy) Mi)

It is a youtube video is about a company aiming to increase awareness of how energy is consumed. It demonstrates how to use deep learning to track energy consumption and save energy by doing so. At last the founder of the company the vision of sustainable development , which is the usage of Artificial intelligence.


How nutrition can help to fight against COVID-19 Pandemic

it is a webpage explaining the importance of nutritional status of a person, which is affected by age,sex,health status,lifestyle and medication. It also stated that a balanced diet guarantees a strong immune system , so people should eat fruits daily and follow the rules stated on the webpage. Therefore in order to tackle the pandemic, you need to eat healthy .


The importance of biodiversity (by Ching Lam)

It is a webpage about biodiversity, it introduces the definition of biodiversity and biodiversity lost. It basically provide statistics and data to prove that the impact of losing biodiversity is enormous , both in human health and agricultural aspects. It also destroys the ecosystem and disturb the food chain.


Our Planet (by Ching Lam)

It is a netflix documentary on living things on the planet Earth, they emphasize on the connection between all species which is adversely affected by human activities in the past years. This film recorded the cost of rapid development of human beings by filming daily lives of animals in the wild which were affected by humans. This film not only mention animals but also insects , it covered a wide variety of species which let us know the consequences of our own actions.


Solar Panels (by HUIXI ZHANG)

It is a webpage introducing solar panels. It teaches the principle and materials of the solar panels and how solar panels work. Most importantly, it sums up the advantage of using them, including the most important issue needed to be solved in the modern worldβ€” cutting carbon footprint. It can also combine with other renewable systems such as wind turbines. However brought up the downside of a high cost. This lead us to think of the balance between economical development and saving our environment.


Self-Harm(by Chit CHEUNG)

It is a website introducing the term self-harm, and the reasons for people to commit this kind of action. It also talks about the negative side of doing so in the long term if not properly treated. They also suggested some ways to treat and help yourself both in the short term and the long term. This reminds up to have self-control and control our own emotions without doing something that harms our body.


Food and Mood (by Zhi Main Ye)

It is an article about the connection between food and mood. It suggests that eating different food can actually create different emotions and feelings of a person and might even affect your mental health. It also teaches us the correct way to consume food and introduce a proper diet to improve your own mental health by eating in the right way. It also included fun facts about different food and drinks including water that can cause different emotions.


Top 10 Tropical Fruits You've Never Heard Of (by JIAYI XIN)

It is a youtube video on 10 special tropical fruits that is not common in the modern world. It shows their appearance and introduces its internal structure and where they are from. However it only has little information on them, about 30 seconds per fruit. Information was slightly inadequate .



It is a webpage with a short video of making a wind generator with cardboard which can generate electrical energy with simple tools that everyone at home can make. It provided clear instructions and steps to follow. It provided insights and ideas for projects to reduce energy use. It is relatively easy to implement yet the effectiveness is not very high, but as a project for kids to learn about conservation of energy, it does a good job in that.