Tsui Tsz Ching

Reference Summary:

  1. Science is everybody's party: 6 ways to support diversity and inclusion in STEM #inclusion 80/100

This article mainly provides information of what is inclusion, diversity and equity. And it also urge us to support marginalised scientists who cannot carry out their jobs while excluded.

2. 2019 EOC Annual Report #inclusivity 70/100

The report provides facts about social inclusiveness status in Hong Kong, and allows readers to gain more insights into the works of the organisation.

3. Gender Equality: Now #Gender 90/100

This Youtube video briefly defines what gender equality is and discusses about what aspects in our daily lives that it is included. Examples on different places around the world are also provided.

4. Sustainable technology required to address gender inequality at workplace, say experts #Gender 40/100

This short news article briefly tell readers that under the current trend of 4th industrial revolution, male benefits more than female. And that becomes an issue that need to be looked into.

5. COVID-19 has worsened gender inequality. These charts show what we can do about it #gender 50/100

This article discusses what the COVID-19 brings to job opportunities for male and female. Study discovers that female jobs are more displaced by the virus the male. So it advocates readers to be more proactive in supporting gender equality in a post-COVID world.

6. Iowa teacher fired for sex with student #gender 40/100

This news article tells the story of an American teacher having sexual relationship with her students. This raise the attention of proper sexual education and a safe environment free of sexual harassment in America schools.

7.How movies teach manhood #male 85/100

The Youtube video discusses how modern movies shapes the picture of manhood, how male should behaves and what looks good for a male. These actions create a false picture of who we really are, and cause gender stereotyping.

8. 21-Day Equity Challenge brings the community together for shared equity, inclusion education #inclusion 80/100

The article is about a community project to bring about equity through education.

9. Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace #gender 70/100

The video briefly introduces what a gender, age inclusion workspace looks like, and dicusses the possible benefits of such an environment to its workers.

10. gender discrimination #gender 30/100

The nature of the video is very brief. It only provides basic informations of modern-day gender discrimination problems and some examples.