Wakino Asuka

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Rating: 70/100. Despite numbers proving more women are in university than men, other research shows that many HK employers are unwilling to hire them.

Rating: 20/100. Colleges’ are now behind in teaching their students the skills they will really need in order to make their way around the world today.

Rating: 60/100. Issues regarding racism are slowly being brought to light, but schools are still not addressing such issues enough to solve them.

Rating: 80/100. Diversity is more than race and gender, as more things contribute to people being unique individuals, and why this is important today.

Rating: 70/100. The benefits of having a diverse studying environment, and examples of institutions trying to broaden inclusiveness within their campus.

Rating: 70/100. Easy ways for people to help make the environment an inclusive place where everyone, regardless of culture and background, can fit in.

Social inclusion added by Li Wang Hei

Rating: 70/100. The meaning and importance of social inclusion, ways we can implement it, and cases where it is successful.

Inclusion Starts with I added by Yan Xiao Han

Rating: 100/100. A short, simple video that portrays how inclusion is more than ‘racism’ and ‘gender’, and everyone can be facing problems regarding it.

Rating: 60/100. Raises a situation where not everyone is easily able to enter University, points to focus on to support them, and ways to help.

Rating: 95/100. This talk delves into racism that exists within Hong Kong, which is supposed to be known for being international.