Wang Yue

Wang Yue

  • [How an eating disorder affects the way a person thinks] shared by Zulfqar Lareb Bibi 85/100 The topic is very novel and close to life. But the video has some limitations. It does not involve enough academic explanations, and it lacks effective guidance to tell us how to avoid it.
  • [A story on the transformation from retard to genius and back to retard again] shared by Henry Chu 80/100 I really like this reference! Quite interesting! It is one of the few references that I enjoy reading lol (although it is a bit long as a reference), but it seems to be more like telling how intelligence impacts people rather than mental health.
  • [Understanding the warning signs] shared by Zulfqar Lareb Bibi 95/100 The reference is meaningful and educational which helps me a lot. It is a fairly systematic and comprehensive introduction to how we can identify whether we have mental health problems and give a helping hand to patients in need.
  • [College Anxiety Guide for 2020] shared by Kwok Hang POON 95/100 The website provides college students with useful information about anxiety, including its symptoms, methods to alleviate it, and links to related resources. In general, it is not only a good reference but a wonderful tool for ourselves to keep away from anxiety.
  • [Addressing Mental Health Disorders In The Classroom] shared by Khushee Ramesh Soni 90/100 This article gives teachers strategies on how they can address and cope with mental health disorders in the classroom. The youth nowadays suffer in silence and do not express how they feel which is why it is important to reach out to them. Moreover, it is the job of educators to extinguish these stigmas and misconceptions of being called 'crazy' if one has a mental health disorder. Even those who suffer deserve the same respect and dignity as everyone else in the classroom.
  • [How to Support a Friend With Mental Health Challenges] shared by Khushee Ramesh Soni 85/100 This article is about how you can help a friend who is struggling with their mental health disorders. In my view, the topic is novel and close to our life, especially I have heard of such experiences for many times when chatting. However, I think, whatever, the self-care should be of the greatest importance.
  • [Mental Health in Hong Kong ] shared by Khushee Ramesh Soni 95/100 Although the rate of mental health problems is increasing in hong kong, many people in HK society still stigmatize and discriminate against people who have them, as shown by the statistics provided. As a result, many of such people avoid seeking help and are 'forced' to feel isolated from society. This webpage also displays statistics that show many reasons why an individual especially in hong kong may suffer from mental health issues, such as unhealthy workplace culture and workplace stress.
  • [Meghan says ‘not many people have asked if I’m OK’ amid intense media spotlight] shared by Hang Nam Wong 80/100 From the video, I learn that 'It's ok to be not ok', whoever we are. But for it is a personal experience, it may not contribute too much to the public mental health awareness, which is the theme of my team.
  • [Research on attitudes towards mental health in Hong Kong] shared by Fong Sam Cing Janice 95/100 It shows statistics from a large-scale survey on attitudes towards mental health in Hong Kong done by Mind HK, which help me understand the situation of public mental health awareness in HK and consider better about methods to improve the situation groundedly .
  • [Mental Health in Hong Kong] shared by Ngon Yun Ki 90/100 From the essay, I learn that the mental health issue in Hong Kong can be caused by the unhealthy workplace culture and stress. There is also increasing youth mental health problems and ageing mental health issues.