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"Why it's important to care for your mental health" added by Wo Him Li

Rating: 90/100 This article illustrates the important to put emphasis on your emotional health and not to view this topic as a source of embarrassment and taboo.

"Saving Hong Kong's Suicidal And Depressed Students" added by Kwok Hang Poon

Rating: 95/100 This youtube video depicts the sad phenomenon about the alarming situation that many Hong Kong teens make multiple attempt to commit suicide.

"As coronavirus hits the job market, Hong Kong’s new graduates need better support" added by Yasmine Collette

Rating: 90/100 This article presents the negative impact coronavirus has on the career prospect of Hong Kong teenagers. It is sad to know many face the situation of gloomy job market, lacking sufficient job places.

"The 5 types of PTSD" added by Nicole Angelique

Rating: 95/100 This youtube video introduces the possible damage on our mental health after we experience traumatic event. People suffering from PTSD may reject intimate relationship building.

"10 things to say to someone with a mental health problem" added by Yun Ki Ngan

Rating: 90/100. This article educates us what is considered encouraging to say to those who are suffering from any forms of mental health illness. It is important to make them feel loved and supported.

“Addressing Mental Health Disorders In The Classroom” added by Khushee

Rating: 85/100. Students who place high expectations on themselves may get anxiety from demanding themselves to be perfectionist. It is important for teachers to care for the mental health of students. Continuous absenteeism should act as a alarm for teachers to notice students with mental health issues.

“Myths and Stereotypes about those with Mental Disorders” added by Khushee

Rating:96/100. It is of paramount importance for the general public not to view discussing mental health as a taboo. This article pointed out that one of the common misconception is not to view mental illness as a result of poor parenting, which is well-said.

“8 ways to create a mentally healthier workplace” added by Safeena

Rating: 80/100 Indeed, office politics is a headache to many white collar workers. Providing employees with in-service trainings on self-care, stress management, and resilience is paramount to maintaining a healthy work-life balance to all.

“'Shall We Talk' Campaign” added by Janice Fong

Rating: 97/100. HongKongers have long been praised for having a “Lion-Rock” spirit. They are viewed by foreigners as hardworking and possess good qualities such as perseverance. However, in the meantime, it is important for HongKongers to pay attention to their mental health status and remove stigma towards people with mental health needs.

“The Power of Music on students’ mental health” added by Yiu Yeung Chung

Rating: 90/100. Music is an art of sound. Music can act as a channel for us to escape from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. Listening to music also reduces stress, anxiety and depression that lead a person becoming calm and soothing