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"Saving Energy Consumption With Deep Learning" added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating : 90/100

The video shows the great improvement in energy conversation by AI. AI can manage energy system for hotels, homes and use less energy by big data analysis.

"What are smart plugs?" added by Hung Wai Shing

Rating: 90/100

The article shows the feasibility of our project in smart plug. $20-50 for each smart plug meaning that it can be commonly used by general public. Also, smart assistance may also be linked to it making it even more convenient.

"HK Case: Samsung Energy Management" added by Raphaele Michelle Guillemot

Rating: 90/100

The video shows that the application of photovoltaic cells(solar energy) and the different ways to reduce energy consumption(eg smart gate, smart tablet for checking energy consumption).

"Save Energy in Your Household With A Smart Power Strip" added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 90/100

The article shows that there are some "hidden" and avoidable "background energy consumption sources, they're still in standby mode and are still consuming energy using a smart strip.

"Homemade Bicycle Generator // Burn Calories and Make Electricity" added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 90/100

The video shows how to make a bicycle generator at home DIY, in which people can both work out and produce electricity, which is a cool idea to not waste the kinetic e+nergy used in bicycle.

How AI Lighting Can Fool You Into Thinking Lights Are On added by Suntoso Sean Michael

Rating: 90/100

The article shows a way to conserve energy, by closing all light that is invisible to all users in office, which keep the office shine but also conserve energy silently.

6 unexpected AI applications in renewable energy added by Kaustubh Nigam

Rating: 90/100

This article introduces applications of AI, Nnergix,Xcel on forecasting weather, Deepmind,Verdigris tech on energy conservation, Verv and PowerScout on smart home idea.

Renewable Energy 101: Ten Tools for Moving Your Campus to 100% Clean Energy added by Kaustubh Nigam

Rating : 85/100

This article shows various renewable energy applicable in USA, like geothermal energy,wind,solar energy. Plans to conserve energy in campus

How Smart Home Can Save Energy added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 85/100

This video shows an idea of smart home. A mobile app that can let us monitor the appliances at home and also saving energy automatically.

What is the Smart Grid? added by Rafael Matthew Susanto Kwan

Rating: 85/100

The video introduces Smart Grid, by conserving energy in all areas. Like smart home, smart loundary, smart meter to monitor electricity, and even transmission lines.