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How can Hongkongers reduce city’s food waste mountain? Revive, reuse and repurpose the produce you buy

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"The Struggle of a Zero-Waste Restaurant" added by Aastha Anurag Gaur

Rating: 80/100

The video is very inspiring as it shows a real and personal story. The video is filmed in a very aesthetic and heartwarming way. However, I personally feel as if in the video, it glosses over the actual struggles and problems he faced, in which I believe the video would be more practically useful if they tackled it in a less vague way.

"My Zero Waste Hacks! (During COVID-19)" added by Chau Hang Chi

Rating: 85/100

The video is very entertaining, as it is fast-paced. The video has a lot of useful insights to zero-waste in our daily lives, which is especially useful in these troubling times where we are locked in-doors. These hacks may be useful for inspiration when coming up with green-campus proposals.

"Changing Secondhand Economies" added by HSI-YUN CHANG

Rating: 90/100

Very detailed in terms of analyzing the second hand market. I find the Trash and Treasure section quite intriguing. The article/ report manages to give me some new insights towards second hand items which may be beneficial when coming up with ideas as a lot of the ideas are illustrated in a very easy-to-understand way.

"HKU Sustainability Report 2019" added by SONG JIE GUO

Rating: 90/100

The report illustrates the actions taken by HKU with respect to the 17 SGDs. It manages to summarize what HKU has done/ is currently doing, as well as he current status worldwide. There are a lot of useful data and analysis on the website, in particular SGD 6, 7, 11, 12, 13 and 14 are relevant to #waste.

"Why you’re recycling wrong" added by Seiyoung Joung

Rating: 95/100

The video is interesting as the immediate hook is telling us a common misconception we may have. The topics covered in the video are pretty relatable as most of them are things locals may have trouble with. The video is helpful for brainstorming better ways to improve recycling, which could be useful for coming up with new ideas for policies and events.


"Why giving up your plastic straw won’t save the planet" added by Man Kay HUNG

Rating: 80/100

An interesting take on a controversial issue, strong emphasis on how issues need to be tackled on a larger scale, i.e. government and business level. The article raises a good point about the how individual actions may be lacking in terms of impact. However, the article fails to take into account how consumer action and preferences also play a part in affecting decision makers, especially with businesses as people buying the products may be able to create an incentive for corporations to make a change.

"The role of social media on recycling behaviour" added by Junwoo Kang

Rating: 80/100

A detailed report analysing how impactful social media can be towards a sustainable lifestyle, in which I agree with the overall message that social media can act as an effective promotion method. However, there should be more emphasis on the toxicity of social media, as in how social media may promote a bandwagon effect or promote materialism in the sense that it is a competition to have the "greenest" lifestyle, and that only financially well-off individuals can support being environmentally friendly.

"This App Will Tell You What To Recycle" added by Kim Gayoung

Rating: 90/100

Video shows a very useful and innovative app which can effectively tell users what to recycle with a simple act of scanning a barcode. The concept might be useful for recycling related inventions or ideas, and can be used as a model to work towards.

"This AI trash can is designed to stop you wasting food" added by JiaXin Wu

Rating: 80/100

Interesting concept that can be useful for thinking of a prototype that can be implemented in HKU, especially in halls where food concerns may not be a priority.

*However the link to the article seemed to be missing on notion

"How can Hongkongers reduce city’s food waste mountain? Revive, reuse and repurpose the produce you buy" added by Chan Chun Ho

Rating: 90/100

Article states some stats about the current waste situation in terms of food waste and household wastes, as well as suggests some strategies to tackling the above mentioned problems, a lot of which can be easily executed by regular citizens in our daily lives. These suggestions may come in handy when implementing policies or promotions to improve the green situation on HKU campus.