Wong Yuk Tsan

Wong Yuk Tsan

References read

1. “What is sustainable energy” added by Shen Zhu Han

Rating: 80/100. An informative article stating the definition and some examples of sustainable energy. It also suggests the benefits of using these energy sources.

2. “Energy Conservation Techniques” added by Chan Chun Lam

Rating: 85/100. This practical article talks about energy conservation in human bodies and the techniques for us to try in daily scenarios, and how to build connections with others.

3. “What are smart plugs?” added by Wai Shing HUNG

Rating: 90/100. The definition and applications of smart plugs, and different considerations about using the plugs are discussed in this article. It sounds futuristic and useful!

4. “How to build a bicycle generator” added by Tsang Yan Chak

Rating: 85/100. This helpful tutorial introduces the principle of human-powered bicycle generator and steps to build one with affordable tools. We may make one in our school campus!

5. “Fossil Fuels: The Dirty Facts” added by Li Zhuo Kai

Rating: 90/100. An educational article that talks about fossil fuels, their negative impacts on the environment, and how to build a clean future by reducing fossil fuel consumption.

6. “Sun tracking solar panel” added by Kaustubh Nigam

Rating: 85/100. This fun article introduces the sun-tracking solar panels and ways to build the panel. We can get more solar energy if the panels can track the sun automatically!

7. “Saltwater Lamp!!” added by Mi Hongyu

Rating: 90/100. This interesting article presents the saltwater lamp. The fuel, saltwater, for the lamp is inexhaustible. The principle behind seems complicated but it looks cool.

8. “This Smart Lightbulb Adjusts To You” added by Tsang Hoi Wei

Rating: 80/100. The features and advantages of the first responsive lightbulb, Alba, are introduced in this article. The lightbulb is truly a game-changer.

9. “Minimizing Carbon Footprint of Your DIY Projects” added by Yao Yi Tung

Rating: 80/100. It talks about how to reduce carbon footprint in our projects. The garage sale mentioned is great as we can produce less solid waste by selling unwanted items to others.

10. “25 easy steps towards sustainability” added by Ayeni Semiat

Rating: 80/100. It introduces ways to save our environment. They may be trivial, but many of us will forget to do them in daily life, so we should promote more to raise others’ awareness.