Xin Jiayi

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"How do big brands save biodiversity" added by TINGTING YE

Rating: 90/100. Great! This video is very inspiring. It is also a very useful material to our online platform. Each of us need to cooperate to save our planet, especially those big companies.

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"The Importance of Biodiversity" added by Ching Lam

Rating: 85/100. Although there are quite a lot of similar reference, this one stands out with its detailed explanation and thorough conclusion. It can be tailed in good material for our online platform.

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"Jonathan Drori: Why we're storing billions of seeds" added by TINGTING YE

Rating: 90/100. This video shows the importance of plants in the ecosystem. It can also educate people to protect the plant and fight against deforestation.

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"Ten of Hong Kong’s most endangered species, from animals hunted for TCM to the gigantic Plantasaurus" added by LIN Chieh-mi

Rating: 90 / 100. One thing about biodiversity is the diversity of species. This article is informative as well as intriguing. Beautiful pictures of these animals earn extra credit.

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"Tourism and biodiversity: more significant than climate change?" added by Sin Ying Tang

Rating: 80 /100. Very inspiring, but people still need to find out a balance between developing tourism and protecting biodiversity.

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‘Protecting half of the planet is the best way to fight climate change and biodiversity loss – we've mapped the key places to do it.’ added by Zhou Peiwen

Rating: 85/100. This article contains a really good point. Deforestation not only does harm to biodiversity, but also pose a potential threat to public health. Maybe this point can become a huge alarm to those unmoved people.

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'Digital Games and Biodiversity Conservation' added by Lee Ming Hin

Rating: 90/100. This article provides a new insight about using games to educate the general public, but there is no detailed plan. Our group will integrate developing an educational game into our future plan.

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‘Beijing promotes closer human-animal coexistence’ added by Lin Chieh-mi

Rating: 85/100. This article reminds us of a big issue - how to maintain biodiversity in urban areas. Photos of cute animals earns extra credits.

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'PlantSnap' added by Ching Lam

Rating: 90 /100. Very interesting! We can seek for cooperation with this app. haha.

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'Biodiversity is collapsing worldwide. Here's why.' added by Lee Ming Hin

Rating:85/100. Climate change is a main cause to biodiversity loss. This video is a good material for our online platform. Good video but a bit too long.