Yao Yi Tung

References Read

Smart house of the future | TechKnow by Man Kit LEE [Rating: 80/100]

This video showed how different pieces of technology could be applied to our daily life. However, it made me think, how could we possible widely promote this energy saving technology to everyone as it seemed to be case sensitive to build something like this.

Bicycle Power Generation And Its Feasibility by Yan Chak TSANG [Rating: 90/100]

This paper analyzed the potential and ability that a bicycle can do to generate electricity in order to power up some electric appliances. Data and predictions were given to support the author's view.

How to Choose the Right Energy Saving Light Bulb by Hoi Wei TSANG [Rating: 70/100]

This video introduced the difference between incandescent light bulb and compact fluorescent light bulb in a very detailed way. It also explained different terminologies that are commonly used.

Saving Energy at Home - Savings you might be missing by Hoi Wei TSANG [Rating: 70/100]

This video sheds light on how to save energy at home with energy monitors with hardware and software. At the same time, there were support from the state government.

Sustainable Energy: Why we need them and various types of it by Mi Hongyu [Rating: 85/100]

In this website, the current situation of sustainable energy is clearly described, including its advantages and disadvantages in different aspects of life.

Paper Generators: Harvesting Energy from Touching, Rubbing and Sliding by Cheuk Hin LI [Rating: 95/100]

It is surprising that such common material, just paper and our bare hand, can be used as a power source and do such amazing things.

What If We Burned ALL the Fossil Fuels? by Yuk Tsan WONG [Rating: 85/100

The impact of burning fossil fuels is disastrous and catastrophic, like the climate may have an enormous change. It depends on us to make more changes.

Back on the Farm: The future of agriculture in Hong Kong by Wan Jasmine [Rating: 90/100]

Hong Kong is a dense city. Those who still fight and try to find a way for local agriculture are really admirable, especially when they gave up their work in the city.

Generating Electricity By Walking by Cheuk Hin LI [Rating: 100/100]

It is definitely a crazy idea, to convert energy from our walking into electrical energy. However, a 15-year-old boy can make it possible with his passion for science.

How To Make A Simple Hand-Crank Phone Charger by Li Zhuo Kai [Rating: 95/100]

The materials used are so simple but an electricity generator can still be made. I think apart from charging a phone, it can do a lot more.