Ye Edward

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Review 1: In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell

Added by: Andrea Chan

A very good example of how different genders can include each other from stereotypes. This breaks the tradition of how we think in the general norm, which brings greater sustainability and breakdown national and emotional barriers. 95/100

Review 2: The effect of introducing a free breakfast club on eating habits among students at vocational schools

Added by: Yu Sichen

This article demonstrates the importance of breakfast, and how this affects our body's well-being and health throughout time. It also emphasizes the need for change regarding our diet and how we consume food in a rapid society, needs to educate people when they are young. 90/100

Review 3: Fossil Fuels, the dirty Facts

Added by: Li Zhuo Kai

Good smart ways to reduce energy usage through a household scale, no need big or expensive strategies. The development of good habits are very important in saving energy, and reduce the burn rate of fossil fuels. This is very sustainable in the future, as we are using alternatives to power our vehicles, and necessities, such as Hydrogen power and sun power. 90/100

Review 4: Food Problems addressed by the United Nations

Added by: Cheuk Lai Ma

Food scarcity is the cutting edge issue in the 21st century, and this links to the food and health of mankind. For example, the UN has placed this as their 2nd SDG, which is important in global food and nutrition security. 100/100

Review 5: Changes in gender inequality in Asia

Added by: Kay Cheung

Women are a key part of the change of the economy. This brings the diversity of the workforce to the height and gains different perspective towards different points of interest, such as political reformation and policymaking. 90/100