Yeung Ching


1."Gender Equality: Now" added by Kay Chung

Rating: 80/100

This video exposes the problem that sexism in society shapes the gender norms from everyone's birth, and it brings huge disadvantages to women. Many women are forced to receive limited education opportunities. It leads to limited knowledge and skills which keep them from living independently. Communities need to support women as farmers and as leaders. The more equal opportunities they could get, the more success they could achieve for the society.

2."Working with young people:the impact of mental health awareness programmes in schools in the UK and Canada" added by Yue Wang


The article shows that school-based mental health awareness programmes are vital for reducing stigma, discrimination and social exclusion related to mental illness. To deal with this public health concern, more efforts should be put in the school environment.

3."Strategies to support anxious children" added by Jazmyn(Jiahui) SHI


The strategies are helpful and practical. We need to raise our awareness on supporting anxious children and the article provides a good help.

4.“Effects of Mental Health on Student Learning” added by Safeena Zaidi


This article addresses the connections between learning and mental health. Readers can find practical takeaways in the article and understand how students can deal with mental illnesses.

5."Gender Roles and Stereotypes" added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan


The video shows that traditional gender stereotypes limit the future development of different kind of people. Today we should have more freedom to be who we are, like it is okay to be androgynous.

6.“Toilets, bowties, gender and me” added by Chen Hsin-Mei


The young speaker in the talk gives real life examples of being an genderqueer. Actually, not considering the traditional gender stereotypes, there is not a very clear distinction among different genders.

7.“I Am Not Your Asian Stereotype” added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan


This video shows the embarrassing stereotypes and misunderstanding on many American-born-Chinese and other Asian people in America. It is glad to see the girl has courage and the confidence to break the stereotype and be who she herself wants to be.

8."Bully A Plant: Say No To Bullying" added by Yasmine Colette Casupanan


People may think several words cannot hurt others' feelings seriously. However, the video shows the real consequences of verbally bullying. When malice is accumulated in the communication among people, it leads to dire consequences.

9."College Anxiety Guide for 2020" added by Kwok Hang POON


The webpage lists symptoms of anxiety in undergraduate students, and the suggests given are practical.

10."The 7 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups of 2020" added by Shi Jiahui(Jazmyn)


This webpage provide warm help to people suffering from anxiety. More professional support groups is needed as there are still misconception and stigmatization from the society, keeping individuals from seeking help.