Yu Qi

References read "Tourism and Biodiversity loss" by Sin King Tang

Rating: 95/100. Rich amount of citations inside the article made the influences of tourism on biodiversity be convictive.

References read "Healthy eating" by Wilson Chau

Rating: 90/100. It was quite interesting to compare my diet with the definition of healthy diet stated in this webpage, as well as to see the steps that help me move towards the healthy diet.

References read "Composting 101: How to Make Compost & Fertilizer at Home" by Zhi Mian Ye

Rating:95/100. This article has throughly introduces the composing process, which make it seemed to be feasible to try at home.

References read "How augmented reality can help create sustainable, environment-friendly smart cities" by Guillemot Raphaele Michelle

Rating:90/100. By using examples in countries like India and Singapore, this article explained how the future society is going to apply the advanced technology into daily life to meet sustainability.

References read "Why Gender Equality Is Good for Everyone — Men Included" by Kay Chung

Rating:95/100. "privilege is invisible when you have it." By having this sentence as a reflective question, I was surprised by the practical case held by Michael Kimmel.

Reference read "Takeout creates a lot of trash. It doesn't have to." by Taehyun Kim

Rating:95/100. To reduce the unnecessary part of the packaging, and to make the packaging using recyclable materials are both great ways to solve the problem.

Reference read "An ethical decision: fast fashion vs. vintage fashion" by Chau Hang Chi

Rating:90/100. This article using specific statistics to illustrate how much waste has been made by people's clothing, and I found interested in the part they talked about how to bring my love on old clothes back.

Reference read "Solving mental health problems" by Helen Cheung

Rating: 85/100. This article is posted by reliable organization, however, the solutions being provided are too broad, which it is better to be focused more on the project topic.

Reference read "Why lack of sleep is bad for your health" by Cheung Ka Fai

Rating:90/100. Although I know sleeping is important, I paid less attention on it as I felt no uncomfortableness after staying up late, but now I understood the serious consequences it may bring to me.

Reference read "How Addictive Is Sugar Really? by Zhi Mian Ye

Rating:90/100. What I only know for sugar is that they could cause harm to our teeth, but I never thought that it was actually addictive, which impressed me a lot.