Yu Sichen

References read

1.'How food banks work' added by Chan Chun Lam

Rating:95/100.This is a website briefly introducing the situation of a food bank in UK. Food banks balance the supply and demand by giving out surplus non-perishable food in supermarkets or food donated by people to those food bank vouchers in poverty.This is a quite feasible solution in tackling the increasingly serious food waste problem, and it also demonstrates a kind of humanity and compassion. One thing can be improved is that this website does not provide a systemetic and completed overview on its specific working mode.

2.'Exercising - and doing good - during a pandemic' added by Gao Huanyan

Rating:95/100.This CNN news video elaborates on a non-profit organization called Clean the Beach Up. By gathering people to clean the Miami beaches weekly as well as to hold some aquatic workouts like canoeing, this activity smartly combines environmental protection and physical exercise. The events give people a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in the gloomy pandemic.

3.'9 Ways Your Emotions Influence Your Judgments' added by Ching Chan

Rating:90/100. This article on Psychology Today states that emotion can somehow distorts our thoughts.Certain vulnerable situations tend to trigger impulsive choices, including a narrow mindset, attention bias, etc. Therefore, the author suggests that by becoming more aware of our emotions, we experience ourselves as free rather than victims. However, the author may have ignored the benefits emotions can bring to people like empowering them with courage, so this article can be more objective.

4.'Promoting Traditional Food Products As Healthy Diet Products' added by Gaur Aastha Anurag

Rating:100/100. This paper introduces a promotional strategy of culinary heritage, which is combining traditional food with healthy green food to combat the over-industrialized society. It introduces the concept of 'traditional, healthy, food product' and illustrates the benefits and potential loopholes in this promotional skill. By analyzing the theoretical background, specifying the concrete procedure, and reaching conclusions and designing further directions, this article clearly shows a feasible marketing strategy.

5.'Interview on Campus Facilities' added by Hongyu Timmy Mi

Rating:98/100. This is a precious first-hand interview reference. The interviewee showed her insight on the periodically broken escalator in HKU Campus, which is that she would rather walk than riding the escalator due to the slow speed and unprecedented hitch. This can shed light on how we promote the awareness of saving energy.

6.'Got Food? How Local Food Systems Can Build Resilience for Turbulent Times' added by Wan Jamie

Rating:99/100. This journal article describes local agriculture's great benefits on resilience in detail. It introduces from different angles which are all very persuasive. For example, local food can be less disrupted by sudden turbulence and local food market provides various job vacancies for locals, etc. This article also brings up possible approaches like collaborating with communities to promote local food. It's comprehensive and credible.

7.'A Delicious Revolution' added by Jiarong Wu

Rating:95/100. This article advises taking a pass on industrial food and advocates consuming locally grown organic food. Under this hypothesis, the author then introduces some young startups which involves local food growing established by university graduates.The aim of this article is to share remarkable organizations and resources to help people make smart, sustainable food choices.

8.'Online tour to Stepping Stones' added by Wang Hongyu

Rating:90/100. This is a website showing an online tour in steeping stones, the historic home of Bill and Louis Wilson. The online tour is composed of several pictures and large paragraphs clearly depicting every corner of the house. Pictures are used as links to transfer from one page to another. However, I think this kind of page switching is a little bit out-dated.

9.'How is food waste managed on campus?' added by Chun Ho Chan

Rating:95/100. The article first illustrates the phenomenon of food waste on campus and emphasizes the significance of handling this problem. Then the HKU authority briefly describes how the campus deals with it. The measures include transforming food waste to fertilizers using onside composters and sending waste food to firms outside to produce pig feed.

10.'25 easy steps towards sustainability' added by Ayeni Semiat

Rating:95/100. It's a short article from a kind of environmental booklet. By saying that 'the more of us that step up, the bigger the difference we'll all make', this passage brings forward various tips to protect the environment. The tips aren't limited to the well-known 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle', but illustrates through rubbish, water, housing, transport and so on. The angles are novel and the tips are inspiring.