Yuen Wing Hin (Leo)

References Read

#1: “In Sweden’s Preschools, Boys Learn to Dance and Girls Learn to Yell” added by [Unknown]

This article shows the efforts taken by a Swedish preschool to abolish traditional concepts of gender norms by intercepting early on. It also explores the difficulties faced in trying to do so. 95/100

#2: “Changes in Gender Inequality in Asia” added by [Unknown]

This article exemplifies the prevalent problem of gender inequality in Asian countries, especially ones with lower economic levels. There is a new wave pushing for equality, leading to many changes in recent years, but continued efforts will be required before we will reach equality. 95/100

#3: “How Large Are Gender Differences in Toy Preferences? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Toy Preference Research” added by [Unknown]

This experimental report displays the methodology and results of experiments that shows the majority of children prefer to choose toys that corelate to their own gender. We can infer from this that gender norms are deeply ingrained into our minds since very early on. 95/100

#4: “Hong Kong’s mental suffering fuelled by sport and exercise restrictions in fight against Covid-19” added by [Unknown]

This article spotlights an issue that may be overlooked in our efforts in tackling COVID-19, where people are denied access to doing sports and exercise outdoors. This, along with many other different risk factors that have worsened during COVID, has lead to a rise in mental health problems in citizens. 95/100

#5: “Hong Kong’s transgender community faces workplace discrimination, leading LGBT campaigner to launch company guidance scheme” added by [Unknown]

This article explores the issue that transgender people face in the workplace in Hong Kong. With the lack of education about LGBT issues in Hong Kong, acceptance for people in the LGBT community is not as progressive as it is in the west, which may lead to intolerance and harassment of individuals. 100/100

#6: “How Beijing approaches gender equality and LGBT issues on the world stage” added by Kay Chung

This article criticizes China’s inadequacy when it comes to how they handle and value gender equality and LGBT issues; It also mentions the negative effects that their policies bring to their citizens. It also states the problems that international organizations face when working with china to tackle these issues. 95/100

#7: “Gender Roles and Stereotypes” added by Yasmine Colette

This short video briefly summarizes what gender roles are and the respective stereotypes that come along with it. It talks about the problems that people feel when they are pressured to act and dress a specific way just to conform to these stereotypes. It also expresses an optimistic outlook at current more progressive times where such restrictions are looser than before. 95/100

#8: “Toilets, bowties, gender and me” added by Hsin-mei Chen

This inspiring TEDx speech made by 12-year-old Audrey makes us rethink our way of thinking about gender roles. We unconsciously assume people’s gender as soon as we see them, while this is ingrained in our brains, we may have to change how we act to respect other people’s true gender identity that we may not know. 100/100

#9: “Misogyny and sexist violence is the result of male entitlement” added by Ching Yeung

This article showcases the systemic problem of male entitlement that leads to unfair and unequal treatment towards females in certain scenarios from work issues to legal issues to healthcare issues. A lot of work on fixing the root cause of this problem will be needed before we can finally tackle the problem of gender inequality. 95/100

#10: “A Checklist For Sustaining Diversity And Inclusion In Your Organization During A Pandemic” added by Chung Fai Ho

This article goes through an checklist that helps organizations to be more accommodating of what employees have to go through during the current COVID-19 situation. The checklist preaches organizations have to take on a more inclusive and diverse workplace in the times of the pandemic in order to help everybody acclimate to the new climate. 90/100