Zaidi Syeda Safeena-e-Zahra

Zaidi Syeda Safeena-e-Zahra

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  1. Sleep Hygiene: Train your Brain to Fall Asleep and Sleep Better added by Ting Him Ho

90/100 overall a very informative video explaining how stress and anxiety can mess up sleeping schedule and how we should train our minds to sleep better. Takes into account various variables that can affect one's sleep. However, lacks representation of different age groups.

2. How Much Alcohol Is Too Much? added by Hiu Long AU

95/100 The article provides detailed tips on how to be mindful while consuming alcohol. It also provides a set of guidelines that are extremely helpful for someone who struggles with overconsumption of alcohol.

3. Why Don’t We Burn our Trash? added by Taehyun kim

80/100 A very interesting video that talks about the pros and cons of burning our garbage instead of dumping them into landfills. According to the video burning our garbage can have some negative affects on the environment but at the same there is no evidence that burning can cause harm. However, it ignores the environmental impact of releasing toxic chemicals during the process of burning waste.

4. Food aid and healthy nutrition programmes in schools: what works? added by Kelly Ng

90/100 The article uses a qualitative study to show how to reduce food insecurity and obesity. The study was very helpful in understanding the importance of combing food aid through the distribution of daily healthy meals at school with an educational program on healthy nutrition. The finding are accepted by many other scientists around the world making this study a reliable source.

5. Hydropower for the home added by Lok Yiu Ng

70/100 The article itself is highly informative as it explains how hydroelectricity works and it's mechanism. It talks about some of the advantages and disadvantages but fails to recognize a major issue that is that not all people have access to running water. Plus it also does not guarantee a forever access to electricity as change in climate might result in drought.

6. Food addiction added by Ching Chan

80/100 This article made me realize that I may be addicted to specific food which definitely is not good. However, the article is very interesting as it makes you reflect on your habits. It also reminds us that healthy eating is not only consuming small portions of whatever food you have but instead eating healthy food and having a balanced diet.

7. Why humans are so bad at thinking about climate change added by Gayoung Kim

100/100 The video highlights the issues of climate change and how with time it's gotten worse. We are now facing a serious threat by the changing climate change and there seems to be a very little understanding on how it all started. The video is educational and super informative for people who tend to ignore this issue. For most of us this issue seems to be invisible since we are not being affected by it just yet however the video also predicts that in future we will be

8. Food waste in Hong Kong added by Chun Ho Chan

90/100 This article sheds light on the food waste problem in Hong Kong. As a city with dense population hong kong is facing a severe food waste problem. The article highlights a few main reasons behind the problem and provides a set of guidelines to tackle the problem. Overall, highly informative and great article.

9. What is sustainable energy added by Shen Zhu Han

80/100 A very good article. It clearly states the definition of sustainable energy and provides reader with some examples to better understand. Moreover, also states some uses of sustainable energy and it's benefits.

10. UN Sustainable Development Goals in Hong Kong: Myths & Challenges added by Abel Lau

100/100 An excellent article that talks about the UN 17 SDGs and how far is Hong Kong from achieving them. The article focuses on what goals Hong Kong is not able to achieve and how we can help HK in achieving it.